Hair-Wrapped Ponytail Hairstyles

Hey, guys. Today we are going to be demoing a simple, quick, easy hairdo called the hair-wrapped pony. So to begin, you’re just going to I wet her hair down just a little, because it helps hold those flyaways in. But you’re just going to pull her hair back into a ponytail. Just your basic pony. You can part it anywhere you want to. I always just part hers naturally on the left. So you can part it in the middle or on the right. Also, I’m just going to do a basic pony pullback today, but if you wanted to get fancy, you could do a couple little braids in the front or some twists back into the ponytail, too, and that would be very cute. So this is what I call a Daddy ‘Do, meaning we have a little section on my blog that we consider easy hairdos, so easy that even daddies could them. We call them Daddy ‘Dos.

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So if you’re a daddy looking for a quick easy hairdo for a week when you have your daughter, or you just like doing your daughter’s hair, or whatever, or if you’re a hair-challenged mother, you can look for that section of hairdos on my hair blog on the left-hand column. So we’ve now secured it into a pony tail. Some people will tell you to just take a section of hair and wrap it around the ponytail and then secure on the underneath side with Bobby pins. And I find that that works, but that the Bobby pins tend to slip out and fall out over the full day’s time, especially if you’re on little kids where they’re running around at school or playing soccer, like she is today.

So I like to use my little topsy tail tool. You can find a link to these on my side bar of my blog as well. You take this, and you slip it through the rubber band so it just sits on the top like so. And depending on their hair length, you might have to adjust a little bit. I’m going to take a section of hair, and I try to pick a longer section. Don’t use one of these little shorties, unless she has really long hair, because I want it to wrap better. So I take a section of hair, and you just begin to wrap it until you run out of hair. Now you can see that her ends are right here, so I’m just going to slide this just a little to the left. When you have your ends, you’re going to just take them through that loop of the topsy tail, hold them, and then pull the topsy tail. You do have to tug just a little bit, because it pulls that tool just through the rubber band. There you go. Sorry, babe. And then secure it. Tuck the ends under so you can’t see them anymore. Do a little fun fluff on the ponytail. Add a little spritz of hairspray to make it cute and hold the flyaways down. And there you have the hair-wrapped pony. And this will really hold well all day long. Pulling it through that elastic just keeps the hair really tight and fun.

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