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You’re all about live music – you do 80 to 100 gigs a year. Is that a massive way to put yourself out there and a great way to grow what is your business?

It is the most important thing, I believe. Haircut for long face thin hair If they can’t come and see you live they can judge you only on a CD that they may enjoy, they may not. Haircut for long face thin hair It’s much easier to get people to like you if you’ve got a live show going on. That’s why I prefer to play live. The studio is fun and it’s always a good experience to get the song-writing and stuff out of the way, but I would much rather be on the road and playing for people.

You do have an individual sound and for that reason you come across with honesty in your music?

I try to be as honest on stage as possible, Haircut for long face thin hair I try to be relatable. Making music universal is important. If anyone can understand it anyone can like it. I can’t get on stage and play rock to 80 year-old women, but I’ve had 80 year-old women at my shows before. It’s just about being likable.

Are there many other musicians you know who walked away from Nashville to come here?

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