Haircut for medium hair teenagers

PRIMER: Not too many people realise the importance of using a primer Not only will it smoothen out pores but it will also minimise fine lines. A good quality primer will help your make-up last all day So you can go about your day and have a great time without worrying about touching up your make-up by the hour. Your wedding pictures are forever. It’s understandable if you agonise over them and want to ensure that you look spectacular in them. APARNA AYYAR shares special bridal make-up tips to make sure you look flawless through all those wedding clicks! Large parts of your wedding day will seem like a blurthe flowers, your wedding outfit, the music, the food and what your nosy aunt actually thinks of you; the photographs, however, will be forever. And to look great through these, a little prep and small tweaks to your make-up regime are all you need. make-up tips.

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