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I This technique takes a little time to master but is well worth the effort. Place both hands on the far shoulder and with alternate hands squeeze your fingers and thumb together Do not pinch, but roll the fingers over the thumb. Repeat by moving to the other side, again working on the shoulder away from your body.

2 Having worked on each shoulder in turn, now work on both together Place your thumbs on either side of the spine on the upper back, Haircut men undercut with theTest &f each hand over each shoulder Squeeze your fingers and thumbs together rolling the flesh between them.

3 Let your thumbs move out smoothly across the shoulder muscles.

4 Release the pressure of the thumbs, and stretch the blades outwards using both your hands simultaneously.

5 Now return both hands to the centre, and get the thumbs well in position to repeat this exercise.

6 If the neck is very stiff, repeat the kneading exercise, applying slightly firmer pressure with the thumbs. tension and backache reliever The back is where most of our physical aches and pains are generally located; in fact more days are lost from work each year through back problems than from all other parts of the body combined. That is why it is a good place to massage, using broad, relaxing movements. Make sure that you keep your back in the best possible condition, treating it on a regular basis, not just when things go wrong.

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