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This posture, together with the one that follows it, “Single Whip”, is also known as “Grasping the Sparrow’s Tail‚.

Turn your body to the right. Point the fingertips of your right hand to the sky in a relaxed way. Your left arm moves horizontally with the fingertips almost touching the right elbow, palm facing the body. Your weight remains 70% on the right leg, 30% on the left.

As you turn your waist to the left, begin to shift weight to your left leg. Haircuts for girls ages Follow the movement of the body with your arms until your right hand is horizontal.Your left hand begins to flow down with the movement c&your waist. Your weight settles on your left leg.

Turn your waist back to the right and let your left arm follow this movement All your weight remains in the left leg. Bring your palm gradually across to rest against your right wrist, opposite the centre of your chest.

Press forward, keeping the hands in full contact Shift 70% of your weight into your front (right) leg. Ensure that your heels are still shoulder-width apart and that the right foot is pointing forward, and the left foot at 45‚°.

Separate your hands and sink all your weight back into your left foot. Your fingertips are now shoulder-width apart at shoulder height Move your weight forward 70% into your right leg. Your arms and hands keep the same position.

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