Haircuts For Little Girls With Medium Hair

De-stress your colleagues Massage is a highly versatile skill, and can be applied in many different situations, Haircuts for little girls with medium hair not least the office. How often have you heard one of your work colleagues complain of terrible tense, aching shoulders preventing them from doing any work? Now you can step in and do something about it. A five-minute massage is all it takes. It can be wonderfully effective, revitalizing and refreshing them.

I Standing behind your seated colleague, place both your hands gently on the shoulders, thumbs towards you and fingers in the front.

2 Using your fingers, knead in small circles up and down the back of the neck Support the head with your other hand while you are working on the neck.

3 Place your forearms over the shoulders, and then gradually press down with your body weight in order to squeeze and stretch the trapezius.

S Allow your fingers to sink into the muscles around the shoulder blade.

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Repeat on the other side.

4 Move the forearms gradually outwards to cover the shoulders, maintaining a firm pressure all the time.

6 Place your hands on your partner's shoulder joints, and press back towards yourself to stretch the upper chest.

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