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Hair care begins with the understanding that hair is essentially an extension of the skin, Haircuts for little girls with thick hair so many of the principles that apply to skin care also apply to care of the hair and scalp. As a general rule, your hair type will correspond to your skin type, whether it tends to be dry, oily, normal or some combination thereof. For this reason, many of the basic ingredients that are beneficial to your skin can also help your hair and scalp. Commercial hair preparations shampoos, styling gels, sprays and even conditioners can be among the most damaging and drying body care products on the markat. Combine these harsh preparations with the tendency that many people have to overuse them, and the result can be hair that is lifeless, depleted, frazzled, stripped of its natural oils or coated with artificial ingredients.

The two basic steps in a good hair care program are cleansing and conditioning, which may be accomplished either separately or in a single treatment. This chapter offers an array of formulas that address the cleansing and conditioning needs of various hair types, some of them specially formulated for either light or dark hair. For cleansing you will find a number of shampoos and non-soap cleansers. For conditioning you can either choose one of the conditioning shampoos or follow up with a hair rinse or hair and scalp emollient, according to your specific needs. You will probably want to experiment to see what works best for your hair.

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