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To treat the abdomen, thumbwalk from the medial edge, under the big toe, to the outer edge in horizontal lines as you did for the chest, each line bordering the previous one.

Now swiftly change hands and thumbwalk in horizontal lines. Haircuts for medium hair teenage girls You should now be working from the outside of the foot towards the inner (medial) edge, as previously shown.

Employing the same thumb, begin thumbwalking in diagonal lines and gradually work from the outside towards the inner edge, covering the whole area, as before.

Work along what is called the ileo caecal valve reflex, using the inner corner of your thumb to pinpoint it.

Thumbwalk the path of the colon, starting on the right foot at the bottom of the colon line.

Next thumbwalk in diagonal lines covering the same area, as described in the previous step.

While referring to the foot chart, gently begin rotating the reflex to the adrenal glands, pushing in under the tendon running down from the big toe.

Continue on to the left foot, but change from the left hand to right hand at the point above.

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