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When hair is damp or wet, it is much weaker and more easily damaged. Always treat wet hair carefully and use a wide-toothed comb to straighten out tangles, and never a brush, which will create split ends.

Here‚ „s an excerpt about discernment from my book, When God Sent My Husband: Wisdoms for Capturing and Keeping a Man S Heart. We think we know what‚ „s best, but we don‚ „t. While you‚ „re looking at the outer appearance of that man, God knows what is inside his heart.

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God sees that man twenty years from now, and you are only looking at what he looks like now. He knows that man‚ „s temper and how he deals with stress. God sees that man‚ „s generational bloodline and the many mental and physical issues that occur from generation to generation.

You only look at how sweet he is toward you during your date and how thoughtful his phone calls and text messages are. You attach your heart to a man you think you know, but God knows the unseen, hidden things of a man‚ „s heart. While your heart is focused on marrying someone tall, dark and handsome, God is focused on your spiritual compatibility. Are you equally connected on a spiritual level? When the trials of life come, will the two of you survive? I didn‚ „t know that I needed to discern the spirit of a person and be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove (Matthew 10: 16). I didn‚ „t know any of these things, and personally, I didn‚ „t care. I had a desperate, rebellious spirit, and I was determined to be in a relationship. Instead of me chasing God, I was chasing my idea of love.

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