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Fact: Women have shorter urethras than men do, upping your risk of contracting urinary tract infections. These infections are mainly caused by bacteria such as E. coli that invade the urethra, and can eventually spread to the bladder and kidneys. The most common way for bacteria to transfer to your urethra is by wiping from back to front after using the bathroom. Another cause of UTI is infrequent urination, so make sure you go to the bathroom no matter how busy you are never hold it in!

The point: Infections occur when you don’t keep your vagina fresh and clean, Haircuts for women over and using feminine wash has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Myth: You can’t use feminine wash on a daily basis

Fact: It really comes down to choosing the right feminine wash. Lactacyd is made with milk-based ingredients, Haircuts for women over making it mild and gentle enough for your V. It’s also dermatologically tested so you know that it’s safe for daily use.

It’s all about choosing the right feminine wash.

Myth: Feminine wash makes you dry down there

Fact: Your vagina needs a good dose of moisture, just like your

lips and skin do, to stay supple. While a balanced diet and regular workout routine helps keep your body healthy and hydrated, your vagina could do with an extra boost of moisture. Consider the natural milk extracts in Lactacyd: It refreshes your vaginal area, keeping it soft and moist read: looking and feeling its best!

Myth: Your V is a selfcleaning organ and it doesn’t need extra care

Fact: It may be true that your vagina can clean itself some even say that it’s cleaner than your mouth but you still need that boost of protection to ensure that your V’s always at its best. Knowing that your down-there is the most intimate and sensitive part of your body, you should treat it with the utmost care. A gentle feminine wash like Lactacyd keeps your vaginal area clean and germ-free all day, so you don’t have to worry about feeling gross down there and you can just be your fun, fearless self!

Your vagina is just as important and integral to your health as any other part of your body.

Give your intimate area the care it deserves with a partner that serves up its daily dose of much-needed freshness and comfort. Choose Lactacyd All Day Care: Its natural milk extracts gently cleanse and refresh your vagina, while lactic acid maintains a healthy environment for your intimate area’s overall health and protection. And FYI: Lactacyd is dermatologist-tested and safe for daily use. So forget the myths and remember this: Every day is your best V-day with Lactacyd All Day Care!

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