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I was so offended and outraged. Here were wealthy, successful black women in a perfect opportunity to uplift a young black girl and instead in the most subtlest of ways they tell her that not only was she poor, but she was ugly too. Here’s some toilet paper and a pain inducing relaxer kit to make you feel better sweetie! Needless to say, I boycotted the show after that episode.

What I learned that day was that this show was not entertaining me with the lifestyles of the rich and famous, but it was in fact making my mind poor.

There is no doubt in my mind that if you have not been living with your natural hair for years and have been hiding behind fake this and fake that, then you have experienced mind poverty as well. We have all been told and shown that the way we are naturally is not good enough.

A Naturally Fine woman embraces her beauty – FULL.

If you are still contemplating about starting your natural hair journey then you are wasting your time. Stop contemplating and just do it! I have given you all the tools and tidbits to help you survive the first year with natural hair. Choose a transitioning method or do the Big Chop now! Start trying out various hairstyles and journaling about your experience. You do not need me or anyone else to give you permission to start the quest to be yourself. If you are still lost, have questions, want feedback, or want to know that you are not alone, hit me up. Sure it may be life’s greatest challenge – to be oneself – but there are beautiful, young orphan girls who have already mastered this challenge.

Poverty is defined as ‹“those who have little’ yet the orphan girls I watched on television were far richer than myself. What has taken eight years to figure out on my own they had already cultivated and nurtured within their little souls. Their lips were FULL, their noses broad and FULL; their eyes FULL with love and joy, their hair was thick and FULL and their young minds were rich and FULL with spirit, courage and imagination. No matter what their circumstances they had already embraced their Beauty. FULL.

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