Hairstyles For Women Over 50 With Fine Hair

When I go into the supermarket or drugstore, I often stop by the hair color area to see if the major manufacturers have introduced any interesting new products. When Tm doing this informal market research, I will often overhear consumers talking about the choices they need to make. Some have tinted their hair before and only have to do the roots and they are still confused about what shade to use.

Ive heard them say, Oh! I think Tll use this one this time. Her friend will ask, Are you sure? The buyer answers, Well, I dont really know, but it looks like what I used the last time.

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FACT: You cant just buy something that looks like what you purchased last time. This is how you get in trouble. You will have stripes and lines from your scalp out through the ends if you change your hair color each time. You must keep a record of your hair color shade.

This consumer was also puzzled about her choice. I watched a beautiful young woman standing in front of all the hair color boxes walking back and forth. Finally, after about five minutes, she just grabbed a box and walked to checkout. I wondered to myself about her knowledge of hair color did she really know what was in the box?

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