Hairstyles When You Need A Perm 

Haircare Guide For Best Hairstyles When You Need A Perm 

Petroleum is useful when strong absorption is needed for topical aids, medicines, creams and so on, as it helps provide a more concentrated delivery to the point needing attention. People have applied the product after applying other treatments first to ensure absorption. The down side, and actual danger, of doing this is that as a barrier applied to the skin, petroleum disallows the natural and normal release of toxins, in various forms, from the skin. Ever been around someone who had eaten too much garlic or drank alcohol and you were able to smell it through their skin?

The human skin is our largest organ and it “breathes,” taking in both the good and the bad. When petroleum is applied, it in effect smothers the skin. Imagine wrapping your head and face in cellophane and trying to breathe, it would be impossible.

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