Hairstyles Short Medium

Coconut Oil Lice Prevention & Cure Leave-in For Hairstyles Short Medium



3 tbsps coconut oil

1 tsp ylang ylang oil

1 tsp tea tree oil

1 tsp anise oil

1 cup distilled water

2 cups apple cider vinegar


TIP: Double recipe for a fuller, longer hair (hair passing the shoulder).

1. Combine first four ingredients together in a small mixing bowl.

2. Apply by massaging oils over the entire scalp and hair area on your head.

3. Work through your hair with a comb or your fingers.

4. Leave on for 120 minutes.

5. Cover hair with a plastic cap.

TIP: Use hair dryer or stay under the sun for heat.

6. After waiting time, comb hair.

7. Wash hair well and pat dry.

8. Combine water and vinegar into a spray bottle.

9. Shake vigorously to mix.

10. Apply to hair as you rub in gently into your hair

11 Rinse hair one more time and comb.

12. Apply light coconut oil to hair, cover with a plastic cap and style your hair.

TIP: Leave on till you wash your hair again.

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