Half up Half Down Boho Style by Nicole Richie

It’s day two of our perfectly imperfect hairstyles yesterday we had our awesome little messy side button that looked really cool. I really liked that one, and today we have a half-up half-down style which is almost similar to what, I’ll wearing today. So awesome there. So I hope you guys like this. And I will definitely see you tomorrow with another post. So be sure to come back, and check that out hope you liked this post. And I will see you tomorrow well bye start out by taking two sections from the front, and bring them around the back, and then go ahead, and tie them into a knot now you can do this if your hair is shorter than mine. Because you can see here. I have an extra like inches that.

Half up Half Down Boho Style by Nicole Richie Photo Gallery

I’ll working with but if your hair is really short you can just bring it back, and kind of pin it together, and use your pins to create a really interesting look in the back, and kind of crisscross it maybe move a little bit of extra hair around that you have just get creative with it um the only thing that you’re really going to think about here if you want to kind of match the style is to create something that looks just a little bit offbeat, and different, and you can see here that, I’ll kind of pushing it up a little bit to add some volume, and then just crisscross your pins into it, and it stays really well then go ahead, and braid if you want to just two little pieces of hair right underneath the hair that we pulled back, and you can loosen those up too. So they have a nice little loose looking feel, and this hairstyle was actually inspired by a Nicole Richie.

I think. I saw her wear this on Fashion Star. So yeah that is the hairstyle is really easy, and really quick. And I think nice, and bohemian, and pretty. I hope you guys like it, and be sure to come back tomorrow for our next hairstyle, and here are the links for all of the styles as. I upload them and, I’ll see you guys in my next post bye.

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