Half Up Twist for Weddings

This week, I’ll doing something a little different, I’ve been doing very wearable hairstyles for a little while. So now, I’ll going to kind of take a break from that, and do some wedding inspired hairstyles. Because it is wedding season like oh my goodness there’s. So many people getting married right now. So I thought this was this hairstyle specifically was good for if you’re a guest at a wedding or a bridesmaid or even a bride. I think this would be great for either like a beach or vintage wedding. I kind of love it for that. So I hope you guys like this um if you try it out tweet me pictures. I love seeing the hairstyles that you guys try out it kind of inspires me just a little bit more. So I love to see those anyway. I hope you guys like this. And I will see you guys in my next wedding inspired tutorial huh nice with this hairstyle you can choose to either start with your hair curled or curl it at the end. So step one is going to be bumping, I’ll using big sexy hairs what a tease to help me out just a little bit. Because my hair is fine, and does not like to tease. So, I’ll going to start with a section of hair right at the apex of my head give it a little spray, and then tease it, and then.

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I’ll going to do one more section. Because my hair is again fine. So it doesn’t really like to bump up too much if you have mediums that they care you might not need to do quite as much teasing as. I do once you’ve got all that teasing you’re just going to pull it back smooth it push it up, and then you’re just going to twist it a little bit. So that goes well into the style that we’re going to do you want to twist it in the direction that you’re going to be twisting you our final style, and then pin it into place, and step two is to pin it what we’re going to do is arrange the hair around the face. So that it looks really nice if you have fine hair like. I do. I recommend a tiny bit of teasing to give your hair some fullness if you have medium to thick hair don’t worry about it you’re going to take the hair that’s halfway between your ear, and the bump, and pull it back into that twist, and you want to arrange it really nicely.

So that it looks good from the but if you’re going to a wedding or you’re in a wedding you’re going to be having a lot of pictures taken then you’re just going to twist that hair into the bump, and pin it into place, and now we’re going to do the same thing on the other side, and take the hair halfway between the ear, and the bump give it a little tease if your hair is fine or you want some more volume, and then just pull it back, and arrange it the way that you see fit, and then the difference is that in the back this time we’re going to pull it over the hair that we pinned into the bump, and you can see that it’s making that really nice twisting look already, and you’re just going to pin it up into the pins that you already have. So that’s going to make it hold really securely which is awesome, and then you’re going to go back to the front, and take one more section take the rest of the hair that’s left in the front from your ear to the hair that we already pulled back pull that hair back, and arrange it again as you like it, and then pull it over the hair that we’ve already pins, and pin it into place, and you can see it looks really great froze from the front, and the back doing it in.

So many sections gave us a lot of control step three is to twist it we’re just going to twist the rest of the hair back. So take it all back right underneath the hair that we pinned, and you’re just going to twist it in the direction that we’re pulling the hair it’s nothing really special to it you’re just going to keep twisting your hair until you feel that it’s nice, and taut, and then you can twist in the hair at the nape it makes a nice little C shape there, and it helps to make it a lot more of a secure twist then you’re going to pin into it, and you can crisscross your pins within this twist. So that it stays really well but. Because the hair is twisted it’s nicely compacted. So it will actually stay really well now you can either curl your hair if you skip that before or you can touch up your curls if you need to. I recommend for mediums if they care you can do this style just fine without curling your hair first for my fine hair my it just works better when it’s curled first. So that’s my tips for you guys there if you have curly hair you’re going to want to straighten your hair for that little bumped section. So it looks smooth, and then you might want to kind of touch up your curls around this area once you’re at the end, and then if you have wavy hair you can just wait, and curl your hair at the end those are all my recommendations for the different hair types, and then just add a little flour or sparkly pin or some kind of adornment to the back, and you’ve got it. I really like this. I think it’s got a variety of occasions that it’s good for, and it is just a pretty feminine easy to wear a style. So I really do love it here’s some more posts that go well with this post Arias pretty little liars girls are some great curls to start out with for this style, and then. I have a romantic vintage updo, and three pretty, and easy updos if you liked how easy, and pretty this hairstyle was. So I hope you guys like it, I’ll see you my next post bye.

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