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Contouring will continue to trend as it personalises the colouring experience. Stylists use colour placement to hide flaws and highlight features.

Advice to newcomers Go chase your dreams! I left school without a qualification, but was passionate and willing to work hard. If you are willing to work hard, take risks and think out of the box. The sky is the limit.

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I truly believe that challenges are learning opportunities. It gets tough at times, but you learn new skills and deal with the crisis. Running a busy salon and training with my two young daughters was tough, but all working mothers face it.

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ssociation with Wella Professionals Being the Global Education Manager for Wella Professionals, I am responsible for the education strategy, revamping the curriculum, conducting seminars, updating stylists on the trends, to name a few. Also,

Forte as a renowned colourist I am a colourist and I love how you can change the overall look with colours. It does not have to be strong and bright, even subtle colour changes can brighten up skin tone and highlight your features.

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