Halloween Zombie Dead Witch Hair

Hey girls Abbey here with our final Halloween tutorial. I got a lot of requests for hair that you could wear for being like a zombie or some kind of dead person where there’s like a dead cheerleader or different characters or anything like that or even kind of like witches on people just were kind of asking for that kind of hair. And I think it basically can be anything you want for that but the is what. I would do if. I was dressing up is that, I’ll going to start off with this hair that you could wear down, and you can wear this if you were trying to look scary or cute basically, I’ll using my Connie are you rapping wave, and just zing sagging my hair around it. I like the shape that this makes. Because it gives that cool like zigzag look, and for this look. I am not sectioning my hair at all, I’ll just taking random sections, and curling them the other good thing that.

Halloween Zombie Dead Witch Hair Photo Gallery

I like about this iron is that you can do it lots of different ways. So for some of these, I’ll just wrapping it around both barrels. So that. I don’t create the same curl you could get a similar look if you just wrap your hair around the curling iron. So if you only have a curling wand or a curling iron you could always use that instead but basically you just want to wrap your hair around the iron going in different directions, and in different sizes, and choosing random sections to get it as absolutely random as you possibly can then kind of flip your hair over, and like pick it up, and spray it. So you get all this kind of crazy shape to it, and don’t try to smooth it back out and, I’ll actually using some dry wax spray to kind of amp up the volume, and the texture a little bit you could also use a beach spray, and then, I’ll back combing with my fingers, and you get this kind of like bird’s nest’ e wavy look. And I think it goes really well with being any of those kind of characters but you could also wear it if you’re looking a little bit cuter, and just kind of sweep it over to the side, and then you could also do this kind of ponytail where basically you create that texture with your hair or maybe that’s your hair is natural texture, and you could just go with that, and pull it into a ponytail just wrap it through, and then once you’ve wrapped it through we’re going to create just a little bit of interest to the style by back combing, and that’s just going to create kind of a little matted look which would go really well with any of those characters that you have, and make sure that you pull some pieces forward. Because you don’t want it all perfectly back, and there’s your easy little ponytail hairstyle.

I think these are great. Because they’re. So quick. So if you have like a last-minute party you don’t have to spend forever doing your hair. So there you go for that one, and then our last one is this little side bun it’s a little bit more editorial in my mind, and kind of cool-looking basically once you’ve got all that hair into that kind of wave texture you’re just going to twist it, and wrap it into that side bun, and then go ahead, and pin it in place it’s just that easy. I didn’t twist too tightly or anything. Because you want it to look loose, and kind of unkempt, and obviously you’re pulling out those loose pieces of hair as well. So it doesn’t look too done, and that’s it. So all of these were ridiculously easy. I hope that’s okay with you guys. I think it’s good to throw in some easy ones every now, and then right. So here are some more posts that you can check out be sure to check out my hair Halloween hairstyles playlist if this wasn’t your thing, and check back later this week for some more normal tutorials, I’ll see you guys later bye. I cannot do this if you try to do like those zombie like stare thing. And I keep cracking up halfway through it, and you can’t take myself seriously right now.

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