Heal Your Eyes, Heal Your Self

I want to emphasize now, at the beginning, that every step you take moves you closer to the next step by actually making you healthier. When you are healthier, you will feel stronger. Even though you have a serious condition, you do not have to tackle everything at once. The slow and steady approach will work wonders for you! Try to work on several fronts at one time, however. For example, even though you may be a beginner at improving your diet, read ahead to the chapters on treatment ideas and begin to implement at least one of them.

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This blog offers three major ways you can help yourself and protect your vision. You can start working on all of them simultaneously. They are:

Lifestyle Modification



Stress Management.

Self Care.


Eye Nutrients.


Eye Exercises Treatment.



Microcurrent Stimulation.

Hopefully, you feel motivated, not overwhelmed, at this point. Remember, you have already taken the first step, and are about to take the next.

One very important step you can take to empower yourself right now is to share this blog with a friend or family member. Choose someone who will support you in taking charge of your health in general and your eye health in particular. You may enounter resistance from those who do not believe in the power of self care or who have not heard of the options we will explore in this blog. It is only human to experience self doubt when naysayers are all around! This is where.

Your support person comes in. He or she can keep you on track and motivated as you continue to take steps to heal your vision.

Checklist for Step One.

V Know your diagnosis.

V Use the Amsler Grid.

V Identify other health problems.

V Select a support person.

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