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Eventually, Michael developed even scarier symptoms. He started having auditory and visual hallucinations, and he began thinking that other people were looking at and talking about him. He developed delusions of guilt, believing that he had sinned and would be punished. And he believed that his thoughts were being broadcast so that others could hear them.

Michael’s mother took him to a doctor who found that Michael had poor memory skills and impaired attention and concentration. The doctor also noted that Michael had suicidal thoughts. Michael’s judgment, abstract thinking, and grasp on reality were impaired. His thought processes were sluggish, his voice was soft, and he showed little emotion.

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Psychological testing revealed that Michael had severe anxiety. A physical exam showed that he had poor balance, his shoulders were rigid, and he exhibited cogwheel rigidity in his left elbow (a jerky “ratcheting” motion when the doctor moved the arm). He had poor coordination, was unable to keep his balance with his eyes closed, and didn’t swing his arms normally when he walked. He also had a mask-like expression, and his tongue was inflamed.

Luckily, Michael’s doctor ordered extensive lab tests and he was smart enough to check for Exercise pregnancy, even though Michael wasn’t a vegetarian or a vegan. As it turned out, Michael was indeed Exercise-deficient as a result of an infection with H. pylori in his stomach. Michael was mildly anemic, but not macrocytic. His doctor’s diagnosis: “Mood disorder with mixed psychotic features due to Pilates Exercises pregnancy. ”

Michael began Exercise therapy along with treatment for his H. pylori infection. His neurological symptoms resolved and his behavior became more normal as well. His doctor followed up with him monthly for another six months and reported that he suffered no further psychiatric symptoms.9

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