Heart Disease: The Case of the Manual Laborer

Does this also hold true with regard to the manual laborer ? Would a diet that did not provide an adequate supply of meat enable him to do hard work? We have pointed out that the people in the peasant countries do not depend upon meat for their protein but obtain most of it from vegetable and dairy products. Even a cursory examination will disclose that the peasant possesses a great deal of stamina and endurance and, on the whole, is much healthier and stronger than the manual worker in our cities.

The deteriorating changes observed in people of peasant origin who change from their simple peasant fare to a rich American diet only illustrate the importance of following a simple way of living.

Because of their extremely limited incomes, the people in many of the peasant countries are unable to use meat liberally and, in general, are forced to follow a simple, abstemious diet. When they arrive in this country and their incomes increase, they begin to indulge more liberally in foods that they were unable to buy in their native land, and this ultimately shows up in disease as well as lessened endurance and strength.

Since we are creatures of habit, we know that many people will be reluctant to discard the use of meat entirely.

However, it should be apparent that when the consumption of meat is reduced and when rich, processed, and refined foods are replaced by wholesome vegetable and dairy products, better health is bound to follow.

The carbohydrates, the foods that contain sugars and starches, are those that supply fuel and energy. While bread, cereals, and other grain products are known to belong in this category, it is well to bear in mind that the carbohydrates obtained from potatoes, carrots, beets, parsnips, and a great variety of fruits and berries are of much greater value from the standpoint of digestibility and health.

Most people rely on bread, cereals, and other grain foods for their energy. These foods, however, are more difficult to digest than the vegetable carbohydrate foods and are highly acid-forming. Furthermore, since the grain foods used in the average home are of the denatured or refined variety, they are almost completely devoid of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.

The white flour products and the refined cereals contain practically nothing but starch, for in the refining process, most of the other nutrient elements are removed. Moreover, the white flour from which bread is baked is usually chemically whitened and the bleaching agents used for this purpose can be highly injurious.

For these reasons, white flour products and the refined cereals are not only unsuitable for nourishment, but can actually undermine our health.

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