Heart Ponytail Valentines Day Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA and today I’m here with Brooklyn. Hi! And she’s going to be helping me show you guys how to do the CGH Heart Ponytail. Now one of the things I like the best about this hairstyle is that it’s a little tiny bit older looking. So it’s a little more edgy feel with the slicked back ponytail and stuff, which makes it great for girls like Brooklyn’s age, and high schoolers, et cetera, et cetera, that want to wear a heart on Valentine’s Day. And if you guys don’t want to miss any of our posts, be sure to click this button right here to comment to our blog. Now to begin this hairstyle, I’ve secured her hair into a high ponytail.

Heart Ponytail Valentines Day Hairstyles Photo Gallery

We’ve used two elastics to hold her hair tight because it’s so thick and heavy, and it also gives it a little more of a vertical lift right there. And then we’ve just pulled some of this hair out in front to add that little bit of puff right there and shape so that it looks a little more older and mature. Now I’m going to take some hair from underneath and I’m going to just wrap it around this elastic to hide the elastic because we don’t want that to show. I’m just wrapping and wrapping and then I’m going to bobby pin. Once you have the hair wrapped around the elastic and all pinned in place, take another like a little clearer elastic go down probably three, four inches, and put this one in place. And now you’re going to go underneath the hair and you’re going to grab a little section, just a small section of hair. And you’re going to split the hair in half and take that section that I have right there, right through the middle like this. And then I’m going to grab one edge of that elastic and take it up through that elastic. So can you see how it’s holding that upward? And you want to divide it in half.

And you can see now we’re creating our heart rim right there. Once you have your hair through the elastic, you just want to have to add some spray wax or some pomade. And give it a little bit of twist to create that heart shape. And then take it and gather up the rest of the hair behind it and you just hold it in place. And you’re going to secure the rest of the hair with that. Then go back and just tug the edges of that heart to give it a nice, really pretty heart shape right there. And you can puff that top. And there’s your little heart ponytail. Let’s do the final spin. Wow! And it’s like a pop of a heart and back to a normal ponytail. Now if you guys liked this post, be sure to give it a thumbs up. And make sure you run over and comment to BrooklynAndBailey’s blog, check them out. You can find it up here at BrooklynAndBailey. And we will see you guys next week. Bye you guys. Bye! OK. And there you have your heart. Now, the fun thing about doing this style with that middle strand too is that you can go like this and kind of pull. Just a reminder, you guys, that we will be at BeautyCon Dallas on March. So if you’d love to come see us, I’ll put the link in the description box below for all the info.

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