Heart Pull-Through Braid 2018 Valentines Day Hairstyles

Hey you guys, I’m Abby from LA and today I’m here with. Kamri. And we have on our Valentine’s colors which means it’s a Valentine’s hairdo, woohoo! I love heart hairdos. Okay, so today we’re gonna show you how to do a really cute hanging heart that turns into a pull-through braid which is awesome. Now if you guys have not already comment to our blog, be sure to click this button down below. It’s the red button down below this box. And if you’re comment to our blog be sure to click the bell right next to the red button. That allows you guys to get notifications when we post our posts so you’re first to be over here and check them out. Yup. So, Kamri, are you ready? Yes. Let’s do it. Let’s go. To start this hairstyle, what I’ve done is just pulled a top section away from her face, kind of like mid-eyebrow to mid-eyebrow.

Heart Pull-Through Braid 2018 Valentines Day Hairstyles Photo Gallery

And I’ve secured it in the back with an elastic. You can see right there. And I’ve just pulled it forward a little bit to add a little volume. I haven’t tweaked it too much quite yet. We can go back and do that when we’re done. Now I’m gonna take this elastic, I’m gonna loosen it up just a little bit because we’re gonna create a hole now. And you’re going to do just basically, like a flip-under, like you would. And if you have a Topsy Tail you can use this at this point. I’m just gonna flip it with my fingers. So we loosen it up and we’re gonna go flip it up this time. Flip it up just like this and pull it all the way through. And that’s gonna give our hair a little lift. You can see it’s already naturally falling apart like this, which is gonna create our heart shape that we want. So before I do that, I’m just gonna use a little dry wax. This is just a wax spray and I’m just gonna put it on this hair a little bit. This is just gonna help hold the shape of the heart a little bit better. Then it’s just kind of finger-comb it. You can use a comb to kind of, it’s just a matter of preference on how like exact you want your heart and how like combed through or if you want it to look a little more boho and loose. You’re gonna take your two pieces, secure them together. Tip back for me, would you, Kam?

So you can see that you have your heart shape. Once you’ve got your heart shape, I’m gonna have her just reach up and just put her fingers right here for me and I’m just gonna secure that together, those ends together with another elastic. And then when you have it like this, thanks, you can pull and fluff the heart as big as you want or you can just leave it like this, either way is totally fine. Now we’re gonna take this, I’m gonna have Kamri just hang onto that end, I don’t want to mess with the heart too much. And I’m gonna take a section of hair right in here. You don’t want to go too low because we do not want it to show when the heart is laid back down. So I’m just gonna pick up some hair right here and I’m gonna secure this just straight up like it is with an elastic. The goal of course, being that this is all hidden by the heart when we lay it back down. So I’m gonna just do this and I’m gonna just loosen it a little bit just so those part lines aren’t quite so harsh on her scalp.

Okay, now let’s let this one back down. You can see that we pretty much hid all of that so you can’t really see it. We’re gonna take the second ponytail, split it in half underneath, and wrap it around the first ponytail and we’re going to secure that with an elastic. And you can see we’re starting our pull-through sections here. So then you just tug and pull on these edges until you really like the way that they look and the shape of them. And then when you get that section in you’re gonna take the one underneath it, split it in half, wrap it around, and secure it with an elastic. And repeat these steps over and over until you run out of hair.

Okay just keep working down making the pull-throughs and when I get to the last section I’m just gonna take an extra elastic and secure those ends together so that we have like one nice final stopping point. Then you can go back and tweak and pull and tug according to whatever your tastes are. So on here, if you go back to the top, just give it a little tug here. It keeps that little heart shape. And then you can just secure it with some hairspray or some finishing wax, whatever your preference is to keep those shapes. And you have this cute heart and then down into a pull-through. Okay you guys, let’s check out this heart hairstyle. Let’s do the final spin. I love it, I love love love. Now, there you go. You know, Valentine’s heart hairstyles, we started way back. I mean, Rylan was like this big when we first did the very first heart piggie on her. But honestly every Valentine’s, these heart ones are sometimes the most difficult to come up with, but often my very favorites just because they’re so different and for holidays, love them. Now, if you guys want to check out all of our other heart hairstyles, that’s a tongue twister, you can click the box right up here. There’s a whole bunch of them. Now, be sure to leave us a comment and tell us which heart hairstyle is your favorite. Woo, trying saying that ten times fast. Heart hairstyle. I know, right? It’s hard. And we will see you guys next week. Bye, guys. Bye.

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