Heatless Curls Hair Tutorial

Hi how are you doing guess what today I’m finally gonna show you how to achieve hitless curls. I’ve done the Hitler’s wife’s post a while back and it was super easy you guys loved that post and you all requested a hitless curls post and, I know it took me a while to do it but today, I will finally show you.

So let’s begin that’s what the previous post of hitless waves hitless curls are super duper easy all you’re gonna be needing is a few simple tools of course you’re gonna need a hair spray you’re gonna need a spray bottle with h2o aka water and I’m gonna be using two different kinds of clips you don’t need to have these two clips you can use just one of them or you can use bobby pins in my experience, I found that bobby pins leave a dent on the hair. So, I prefer to use Clips and the reason I’m gonna be using two kinds is because, I have a lot of here I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions. So I’m not sure if I’ll have enough clips if, I just use one type hence I’ll be mixing it to okay.

So let’s begin. So the first thing I’m gonna do is just split the hair into sections, I find that makes it easier and then what I’m gonna do is just brush the side that I’m gonna start with and I’m already wearing my lucky hair extensions I’m wearing the Umbra set a 160 gram and sometimes what I’ll do is I’ll curl the extensions separately but, I think today will just be easier to show it all myself. I’ve already clipped them in and, I washed them yesterday.

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So this is just naturally there pretty straight now what I’m gonna do is just section a small one-inch section and then clip the rest the way, I forgot you’re gonna need a clip. So make sure you have that as well but this is going to be very similar to the hitless waves tutorial but there’s one thing that’s gonna be different and some of you that. I’ve seen the post will know the difference right away.

So the first thing I’m gonna do of course is just take my water bottle and I’m gonna spray it into my palm. So just a few pumps is enough and then I’m gonna go over to this section here. So long you can’t even see the ends anyway.

So I’ll do it a few times just. So that it’s then it doesn’t need to be with it but it needs to be them when, I feel like it’s damp enough I’m gonna stop but what with hitless waves is, I would take two fingers and, I would wrap the hair around the two fingers now that creates a nice beautiful loose wave what I’m gonna be doing with this hair tutorial because if the curls is I’m looking at my fingers like a curling barrel. So this woman is a pretty big curling parrot now today I’m gonna be using my middle finger okay don’t laugh nothing offensive about it it’s just when you look at the fingers the middle finger is the longest finger hence it’s the easiest one to use a nice like the size of this barrel if you know what, I mean like it gives you perfect curls, I know this sounds like totally ridiculous but just stay with me we’re talking about hair and that’s it.

So I’m gonna just take this section I’m gonna take my middle finger and I’m gonna loosely wrap this section of hair around the middle finger and then I’m gonna carefully slide the finger out and help with my other hand to hold the curl in place and then I’m gonna take my hair clip just slide it inside of this curl and you will have something like this and that’s it I’m gonna show you just one more time what I’m doing literally I’m gonna be doing the exact same thing all over the hair. So take another section make sure it’s not too big this if you take big sections the clip won’t be able to hold the hair together. So just spray it on my hand first go over the section now this takes quite a bit of time, I have to be honest especially if you’re wearing you know here extensions like me or if you’re you have naturally long and thick hair but then the plus is that you’re not using hot tools.

So you’re not damaging your hair alright. So I’m gonna take another section I’m gonna wrap it carefully around my middle finger just a bit loosely then I’m gonna take my middle finger out and try to hold this curl together sometimes the ends will unravel don’t worry about it that’s completely fine especially if you have long hair it’s just bound to happen and then take the clip and just pin this whole thing in place cut off and then I’m gonna continue to do the exact same thing on my left side and then I’ll show you how to do it on the right okay my beauties. So I’m done with my left side the next thing I’m gonna do is just take my hairspray and spray everything with a hairspray okay now what it’s just gonna let that dry and I’m gonna move on to my right side and I’m gonna do the same thing here and again I’ll just show you one or two strands and then I’ll fast forward it.

So I’m just gonna clip one section away and then just take one inch section oops my hair bottle, I mean my water bottle then go over this section with the water for these tighter curls, I actually prefer using the smaller clips, I mean if you have the choice between the bigger and the smaller, I would probably go with a smaller just because, I find that these works better in bigger curls, I alternate them because, I just don’t have enough of them, I prefer these ones definitely just thought I’d mentioned that to you. So I’m just now I’m gonna take this curl in with a little more water. So I’m just gonna take this section and wrap it around the middle finger again just try to be careful and then carefully slide it out of the curl and then next thing I’m gonna go with with my clip and just clip the curl in place all right.

So I’m Dunkerley all the hair and I’m gonna go ahead do the same thing on my right side I’m gonna take some hair spray and I’m gonna spray it all over in the back inside just very very generously alright at this point, I have to just wait till my hair dries usually what I’ll do is just I’ll get some work done on the computer, I prefer not to sleep in these because, I just don’t feel comfortable but if you wear a hair net over everything you should be kind of fine but personally, I think it’s better to do it you know when you’re at home and you have some house chores they’ll do the house chores and the hair dries and, I would say it takes about half an hour to 40 minutes for my hair to dry if I’m wearing extensions if I’m not wearing my lucky hair extensions I’ll probably take my hair 15 to 20 minutes to dry because my hair is not that fake. So yeah I’m just gonna go to somewhere and then I’ll come back and show you the results oh and one more thing if you’re in a rush and you still want to have sort of heatless curls what you can do is quickly blow drive this with a blow dryer on a very low setting just like blow dried quickly just go over everything and then that way it’ll take you like five to seven minutes to dry everything but then you can mother say it’s completely hitless because you’re looking using a little bit of heat from the blow dryer but it’s not damaging at all alright. So it’s been about 30 minutes and I’m ready to take the clips out are you guys ready to see the results.

So let’s do this. So I’m probably gonna start with what, I started with before. So I’ll do my left side and I’ll do sort of the inner curls here I’m just gonna grab one and pull the clip out and when I’m left with it’s a really nice bouncy curl and at first it’s quite tight but trust me throughout the day the curl will loosen up cuz when, I just take it out usually my hair is like ten inches shorter and I’m like, I don’t like this but you know I’ll play with it of it and the girls will listen up and, I really like that okay.

So I’ll just keep taking the clips out and you’ll see that it’s really nice cute girls no heat baby all right. So, I took out all the clips and I’m left with beautiful soft curls what, I really like about doing this curls is when, I do them you can actually see the highlights in my hair more and also what, I really love about these heedless curls is that they actually strangely enough lost me longer than they you know the curls, I get from a curling barrel these will last me at least two three days which is, I think fantastic all right. So let’s do the same on the right side I’m ready to take it all out and enjoy my curls all right.

So I’m done these are the finished curls and personally, I prefer not to run my fingers through them or brush through them because, I find that throughout the day they’re gonna loosen up naturally. So, I just kind of let them be that’s it for today let me know how you like these heedless curls down below leave me a comment try it out and post on your Instagram make sure to tag e here. So, I can see the results, I would absolutely love to see them and make sure to post on facebook if you can if you have Facebook or Instagram whatever you have posted or whatever you can, I would absolutely love to see what kind of results are you gonna get thank you.

So much for tuning in, I love you guys. So much.

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