Heavy Frost Makeup

Think of it as inspiration only. A little shimmer applied on the eyelid (as highlighter) or on the mouth is a real-life pretty approach. (I never did understand shimmer on shoulders or cheeks!)

Colored or Metallic False Lashes: If you want a huge lash look, play with conservative black ones. Or, experiment layering three to four coats of black mascara on your own lashes.

Opaque Blue or Green Nails: This look is cute for teenagers. Otherwise, look for sheer, pretty colors.

Heavy Frost Makeup Photo Gallery

When you try to convey that, it has nothing to do with trying to impress others with your experiences or with thinking that others should be experiencing what you have experienced. beautys or highly realized beings can talk about those things, but if immature meditators try to do the same, it becomes an obstacle for them. Instead of benefiting anyone, it even becomes harmful to the person who is trying to convey it. Milarepas enlightenment became a persistent experience. It was nor as if he had a flash and then started singing songs and trying to get people into the same trip. He meditated for a long time until his enlightened experience became real. He persisted with his practice. But these days, someone who has discovered how to buy a new toothbrush will start writing a book. Objects are all the same, but we do have this notion of sacred and profane, which creates a situation of duality, even in Buddhism. It is not just the notion of sacred and profane, it is also the notion of saying insignificant things are completely worthless and ignoring them.

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