Henry McCullough Band LIVE AT ROCKPALAST

Repertoire Records

70s soft rock with a groove

Largely forgotten now, there was a time in the late 60s and early 70s when Henry McCullough was one of the more well-known UK guitarists, thanks to his time in Joe Cocker’s Grease Band and Paul McCartney’s Wings, as well as several other high-profile outings. A great sideman, he ended up going solo to diminishing returns. This release dates from 1976, in retrospect slightly after his heyday, and has both a DVD and a CD of McCullough’s performance as well as a nice liner booklet with decent notes and pictures.

Fine player though McCullough was, this is very much of its time. Gently grooving soft-rock peaked in the 70s and has never really had a revival. Nonetheless, if that’s your thing you could do worse than check this out. McCullough is on fine form as is his band and McCullough’s covers in particular, which include The Wild Side Of Life, John Henry and Mind Your Own Business, are nicely

judged and enjoyable. The originals are more mundane, McCullough’s strength never being his writing, and the whole package, while no doubt essential for fans, is a bit of a curiosity in 2016. An enjoyable one, but a curiosity still. Sadly, after a heart attack in 2013, McCullough can no longer play, but as a showcase for what he could once do, this is just fine. Jeremy Searle


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