Herbal Rejuvenation Soak Homemade

This fragrant blend of sweet-smelling herbs is soothing, cleansing and relaxing. Make extra infusion and set aside a cup for drinking as you enjoy your soak. The herbs in this formula have been used traditionally to relieve headaches and other ailments associated with stress.

1 tablespoon lavender flowers 1 tablespoon fennel seeds.

1 tablespoon chamomile flowers 16 oz. Water.

Make herbal infusion with herbs and water.

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Let steep for a minimum of 1 hour. Pour the unstrained infusion into a pot, gently reheat and pour into bowl. Top off with additional warm water. Makes enough for 1 treatment.

Variations: For a more invigorating soak replace the chamomile with mint. For a more soothing soak replace the fennel with marshmallow root and let the infusion steep for 8 hours.

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