High Cheer Bun 4 ways Updos Hairstyles

Hey everyone. We’re filming again from California to do the second post in our series of high buns. So let’s go show you. We’re calling this one the cheer bun. So again, we just started by pulling my hair up into a tight ponytail. Now if you want, you can do the hair wet if that helps with your flyaways. But you can also add some dry wax, or pomade, or even a little bit of hairspray to just help control things, pull them back tight and pretty. Now I’m going to show you a trick. On this one, I’ve already pulled her hair and secured it with an elastic. But I’m going to take a second elastic, and I’m going to go over the top one. And on the last twist of the elastic instead of pulling the hair all the way through, I’m going to pull it through about three, four inches and then I’m going to fan the hair out.

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So now we’re going to show several variations to finish this one off, depending on your hair type. If you have short hair, the length is short and you just have little endies at the bottom, you can just simply take those and kind of pull them up, and up and over that elastic. And then bobby pin as needed right through there. Turn, and it would look kind of like this. Now you have longer hair, you have that option as well. But you can also do a couple of fun other things such as take the hair, braid it into the loose braid at the end, and then just take it up and over the top. And you’d get a really fun braided look across the top. And you’d bobby pin it in the back.

Now another variation would be to simply take the here and divide it in half and twist it. And again, just wrap it up over the top. And it either way, it’s just going to give a little bit different look each time you do it. And then bobby pin as needed. And of course add hairspray for the flyaways. Now if you have extra thick hair, like Maggie does here, one fun way to just finish it out straight is to separate the ends. And then just take half up and over, and then take the other half up and over to the other side. And then, of course, you’d secure underneath here with bobby pins. But that just keeps the front looking a little more even and also heavy on one side or the other. And that’s going to give you lots of fun variations on this high bun number two, or the cheer bun. See you later.

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