High Frequency Facial For Clear Skin

Hey guys. Mi Ann here, beauty writer here at my blog and today Im going to Dermalogica Soho which is a spa in New York to get a high frequency treatment. Its going to help with inflammation. Its going to literally zap my zits and help kill bacteria. It costs about 50 dollars for every twenty minutes of getting the actual service. I am a little bit nervous just because it is literal electricity going over my skin but, Ive heard its pretty painless so, Im actually very excited to see if it helps with any of the acnes that Ive got going on today. It was founded in the 1800s by Nikola Tesla whose a well known scientist. He used it to help more with like infections cause that was before we had antibiotics. A French biophysicist realized in 1892 actually, um, that it had an antibacterial effect on the skin um, and would help um with like skin infections. Theres two different types of gas in the electrode. So theres glass electrodes. The gas is vacuum sealed into the electrode so, we put the electrode in the actual current and we turn it on. The gas ignites. Theres either neon gas or argon gas. Argon gas is going to glow more of like a purple or a violet hue.

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Neon is going to be more orange. As far as our treatment goes, its fully customized so well focus on cleaning up the breakouts, the redness um, Ill start with the double cleanse routine. Ill take a closer look at your skin and then well get started. Hormonal acne, as a teenager, does start in the forehead and then it literally will slowly progress down so, Thats exactly what happened. Adult acne is typically along the jawline. So, were going to start the high frequency portion of the treatment okay? Ill treat the whole face of course but Ill just focus like youre saying down on the jawline. Here at Dermalogica we place gauze over the skin before we apply the current. It just allows you to get more oxygen into the skin because thats whats jumping from the high of frequency itself into the skin. Oxygen is whats killing the bacteria. With the gauze, you get even more oxygen. We call it like a spark gap so, its more beneficial. Its also easier to glide across the skin. Alright, hows your skin feeling? It feels good. I feel so relaxed. I think I fell asleep for a good minute there. No worries and youll definitely see the breakouts that you were worried about.

They already look a little bit better actually not as inflamed. Thats the goal. Yeah. Ill tone your skin now, put on some moisturizer and SPF and then youll be good to go. That was so cool. It definitely didnt hurt at all which I was kind of surprised by because I expected it to have a little bit more zapping or tingling sensations. My acne has really subsided. Now its day three since Ive had the facial and it doesnt hurt anymore. its not as red and inflamed. Im actually really happy with the results. I would definitely go back again.

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