High Ponytail With 3 Expanded Braids Hairstyle

Hi, I’m Sarah.

And this is my daughter Gracie hi We’re from my blog. And today, I’m going to show you how to do a high ponytail with really expanded quints. I already put her hair in a ponytail already.

High Ponytail With 3 Expanded Braids Hairstyle Photo Gallery

And, I’m going to take a slice of her hair okay. So you’ll take three equal sections to make your braid you know start braiding, I’m going to pull out just the outside on the right side you’re going to pull them out because that’s what’s going to make your flower petals. So again lassic van.

So now that you have your flower petals out this is just them we’re going to take this you’re going to wrap it around her ponytail just to hide that elastic band you can take bobby pins. And stay calm to secure them just going to tuck all these right number those petals to hide the extra hair trip again left with a bobby pin you okay. So now that you have this wrapped around meditate the ponytail.

And you’re going to split it in three equal parts you’re going to take just cut these to the side. So they’re not in your way you’re going to work with the middle strand first middle section first okay. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to take a slice up here.

And you’re going to section them off in three equal parts pick a slice on the side take another slice on the side. And grab it blend in. And just do a normal braid just add to each side.

And. So before, I continue, I’m going to pull some of this hair out very carefully add herring begin this all, I treat them – yeah okay. So let’s a stop here normal as you can write a lot okay, I’m going to cut them in like this.

I’m going to step pulling all the way through, I’m just going to have it cuts right there. And behind just like this. And then then you’re going to start on this side.

And this time you’re going to just have three strands that are equal. And you’re going to just start out with the you can just start with braids that’s it you pull them out every time that you do a stitch you just time you do a stitch just the outside of this side which is the right side span them out you want to do it pretty wide because it this is the expanded version see it about that much or you can further out it’s up to you depends on how you like it, I’ll just do it this way. So we just keep on doing that all the way down to the end of your braid match it right to here.

I’m going to stop here sorry off do same thing, I did with this one here then you are going to do the other end. And the other you’re going to do the other side same way you did this side you’re going to pull the outer left side strand okay. I’m at the bottom.

And, I’m right even with the other one. I’m just going to tie them off. And, I’m going to do the same thing, I did with the other two just loop it take this middle.

And it goes right on the top of these two here at the ends them together take a Vlasic band. And again. And just take your ribbon.

And you put it right through the glass again. And cover the lassic turn around okay. So you take a bobby pins.

And then just take them. And clip them on to the side here. So they don’t separate yeah you thank you.

So much for taking the time to watch this tutorial. And if you enjoyed it please give a thumbs up comment to the link below see you next week happy day bye bye.

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