High Rib Cage Ponytail Hairstyle

And, I’m Sarah welcome random key chair staff. And today, I will be showing you how to do a high ribcage ponytail let’s get started okay. So now, I already put her hair in a high ponytail.

And I wrapped her elastic band with her own hair. So it’ll hide that elastic. And her hair is wet as well as, I put some gel on your hair.

High Rib Cage Ponytail Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So it’ll tame or flyaways. So with a ponytail you’re going to take a slice from the top up this much smooth it out. And what you’re going to do is put it in three equal sections Hey.

So so you’re going to start off with a braid just a stitch of a break but once you do this season three, I’m going to cross this one over you’re going to add a slice to this one here. And plus this one over. And add a slice here to this one okay now you’re just going to do a regular stitch put ad keep adding a slice on the outside of the ponytail to this outside braid like this quest the left side over like a regular braid.

And you just add from the outside. And smooth. And you just continue doing this all the way down by adding the outside of the hair to the outside of the strand all the way down but make sure that elevate it up.

And step down like this you want to elevate it up. And just going to continue all again okay the last wrong finish it off with a braid okay. So this is what it looks like when a sound which i think is pretty cool looking like this but it’s really cool is when you lift up part of the braid better top take a break from the top bring it all the way up that looks like your lid okay.

So this here you’re going to take. And clip it or you could take a bobby pin if you don’t have one of these take it you click it right from here up on top, I’m going to bring it all the way to the front part of her ponytail you could just spread the rib out. And you’ll have that nice ribcage of that once it gets dry it will just blend in they’ll blend in.

So you will see all that space back there once it gets dry but you can also use hairspray to define it a little bit better. And at the end take one of your favorite accessories. And clip it on but to cover that elastic band, I actually like the backcomb her tail just.

So it gives that nice volume instead of making it nice. And making it flat boring kind of like having it looking curly without using a curling iron thank you. So much for taking the time to watch this tutorial.

And if you enjoyed it please give a thumbs up. And comment to link below see you next week have a good day bye guys.

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