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Whether you’re planning big for your special day or thinking about doing something more intimate, book your wedding with Hilton Vilamoura and enjoy a complimentary Pre or Post Wedding Brunch.

With unrivalled planning expertise, flexible catering options and highly experienced team members on hand to cater for your every need, you can relax and enjoy the most important day of your life.

For more information please visit hiltonvilamouraresort.com or call +351 289 304 000

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Don’t worry about packing candy and mints, as visitors will likely bring those for you. What they won’t bring are some nuts, granola bars, crackers, or other guilt-free treats you may crave. Hospital food is lacking, at the best of times, and when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding it can never fill your appetite. By packing some of your favorites ahead of time, you won’t be filling up on the massive bag of jelly beans someone brought you. Make sure you pack enough to share; your partner will need some nourishment, too. Depending on how suddenly you are admitted, and the severity of your condition, your partner might not be able to step out and grab some food. Any hospital stay before baby is born can get pretty boring. So make sure you have something to read. I had two emergency trips to the hospital where I did not pack a book. The magazine selection on the maternity floor was pathetic, and I was left reading breastfeeding pamphlets and four-year-old People magazines.

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