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You know from this setup that it is time to talk about some products now I wanted to talk about the Kardashian beauty line today I mentioned it in my monthly favourites post and a lot of you guys wanted me to do a review on the whole line because there were a couple products I loved a couple products that I really really really did like but let me remind you of what I said in my favourites posts you know what these girls have great hair and I have ignored their makeup line I have ignored their clothing line but I cannot ignore the hair line because I am addicted to hair and I really just had to know I was so curious.

I just had to know so I decided to try out the line don’t hate me for it I was really just curious and I thought that my curiosity could then inform all of you guys as to which products are actually worth buying in which you should probably avoid so let’s go ahead and get into it here’s what you can expect from the line as a whole first of all they retail from 13 to 16 dollars each you can find them at Ulta or Sally’s Beauty they have pretty nice looking packaging I was actually really drawn in by the packaging on the aerosols you have black rose gold ombre with a rose gold wording and then here you just have a nice shiny black packaging with rose gold words the next thing that you’ll notice is a very floral scent it’s a bit mature definitely not my favorite scent I kind of wish that they would have gone almost any other route than floral but I don’t think that it lasts on the hair too long so for me I’m okay using it even though.

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I don’t like the scent it wears off enough throughout the day that it doesn’t bother me the final thing you’ll notice is that all the hair products in this line are meant to enhance shine even things that would normally enhance shine like volumizing mousse and dry shampoo I want to start off with the things that I liked the most so I’m going to start off with the Kardashian Beauty cave body volume foam I love this one I talked about it in my favorites post just to quickly recap why I like it it is lightweight you don’t feel it on your hair at all there’s no grittiness it doesn’t weigh your hair down throughout the day it enhances shine at your root which is incredible because a lot of times volumizing shampoos are going to mattify your roots and actually make them feel very dry and kind of gritty whereas here my hair feels very silky it feels like hair looks and a hair commercial it feels very breezy and movement II it has a little bit of lift which is nice so for all those reasons I really really like it the only downside for some people might be that it’s not lot of volume you’re not going to get Texas volume from it.

I don’t know that it’s really fair to expect one product to give you Texas body because Texas volume it takes a bit of work let’s be honest since I bought this I’ve only gone like one or two showers without it I just love it I also love the take two dry shampoo you guys know I love this one again if you watch my favorites post I just think it’s an amazing dry shampoo because you don’t feel it on your hair which is amazing it still preserves shine at your roots just like the dry shampoo are the volumizing mousse does I actually have a little bit of it in my hair today and you can still see there’s a lot of shine going on and I just love that I love that you don’t see that cloudiness or chalkiness on your hair I have used this on a friend of mine that has darker hair and I didn’t see it on her hair at all so that was awesome and then my biggest reason why I love this is that it gives me like I can get to four days between washing my hair now I don’t necessarily like to do that I prefer to go two to three but before I found this product I couldn’t get past two so the fact that I can like on day three be wearing my hair down like this this is first day hair but I can go on day three and wear my hair down and nobody can tell and I think that’s awesome so for that reason I really really love this one it’s so finely milled you never feel it on your hair it’s lightweight it doesn’t make my scalp itch after a couple of days because some dry shampoos do that this one doesn’t and for me it is just like a Holy Grail dry shampoo.

I really love it the only negative for me is the smell I’m not a fan of the floral scent but for me everything else is a huge positive and I really really love it and my final favorite is the smooth styler blow dry cream this is meant to add softness and shine it helps to fight against humidity it fights it gets frizz and it helps to protect your hair from heat and I think it does all of those things really well but what I love about it the most is how smooth and soft and shiny it makes my hair without weighing my hair down first day after I wash it I’m like constantly petting my hair which I’m aware is kind of weird but it feels so soft it’s hard not to this is another Holy Grail item because it really does just make my hair really soft really shiny and just really perfect looking okay so let’s talk about what I didn’t like so first of all we have the dry condition I wanted to like this so bad because I loved the idea of a dry shampoo and a dry conditioner you fix the oil up here you add some shine and fight the frizz down here you have perfect hair your second and third day it’s an amazing concept maybe one day if I ever get to make my own hair styling products I will do one but I didn’t like this one I wanted to like it so back so just like.

I said it’s a great concept but oh this one did not deliver and the thing is you might disagree with me there were really positive reviews of this one on Ulta so maybe I’m in the minority here but the thing is it’s supposed to help to add shine and reduce frizz and it’s supposed to be like lightweight and weightless and all that kind of stuff and I would spray it on my hair on the second day on my ends and I would see like very minimal difference you know it was like I could see that I had put oil on my hair like it looked a little greasy but there wasn’t a lot of shine and it didn’t actually help to take down the frizz the frizz just looked a little bit more oily and I was like what so I don’t know maybe it’s just because my hair is really fine and it gets way down really easily that I didn’t respond well to this but my hair does not like this and as a result I did not like this so for me it just it didn’t do what it was supposed to do it didn’t tame the phrase it didn’t give me shine I mean it did both of those two a little bit but on a scale of one to ten it gave me like a three or four and for me that’s not enough so for that reason.

I don’t recommend this on that same note let’s talk about the black seed oil now I am NOT the target demographic for this product this kind of product is really meant for people with more unmanageable hair types that need like fighting frizz they need their hair weighed down to help fight you know frizz and uncontrollable Ness I get that and there are definitely hair types that need that mine is not that hair type mine is very fine it needs to be fluffed it needs lots of judging because otherwise it is flat as all get out so for me I am NOT the target demo for this I do still use products like this on days where I have extra frizz especially if I need a haircut and my ends are looking I’ll put a little bit on the ends and makes them look smoother makes them look better great so that’s when I typically use a product like this now I tried with this one to like it I tried to enjoy it I did not and I think what the reason that I didn’t is that it is much heavier than a typical shine enhancing oil when you rub it between your hands it feels less dry and it definitely feels more like an actual oil which is kind of a good thing because that means that there is actually oil in it um but on the negative side it ways your hair down so for me it was too much when I put it into my hair it really just looked like.

I needed a shower it really it kind of like separated into little clumps it looked gray see and I didn’t see a ton of shine so for me I was just like mmm hard no on this one because I’ve used products like this and likes them but this one I didn’t like so for me it was a it was just a big no like major pass on this one however little caveat lots of people love this I have read so many positive reviews of this product from people with wavy and coarse hair so perhaps it is my own personal bias so I would like to give this product the benefit of the doubt and say maybe it’s just my fine hair maybe that is the entire problem but all I can say from my trial with it is that with my fine straight hair I don’t like it um there might be some of you guys out there with more different hair textures that would like it but for me it was just know just not good okay battery died but now I’m back with my final unfavorite and it is the pure glitz hairspray again.

I wanted to like this one because it’s both to have sparkles in it and it’s supposed to make your hair look super shiny and sparkly and I was like yes so into that idea but mm it I did not like it and this is another one where it has tons of positive reviews online maybe it’s my personal preference but I’m going to tell you guys why I didn’t like it first of all it is a really wet hairspray and I really prefer dry hair sprays what I mean by a wet hair spray is that when you spray it onto your hair it literally makes your hair feel wet and then it takes a little while to dry and by a little while I mean up to 20 seconds and I guess that’s not too long but when you have fine hair like and it doesn’t like to hold a curl and the amount of wetness means that my curl is falling and I’m not a fan of that so I don’t like wet hairs but the other reasons I don’t like wet hairspray is that it tends to kind of congregate like you get a wet patch somewhere on your head and then when it dries like it is solid and it is hard to brush out and for that reason I’m not a fan of those and this is a wet hairspray which makes me biased against it from the get go but then the next thing that I don’t like when you spray on to your hair you instantly feel hairspray texture you can still touch your hair you can still move it it’s not necessarily rigid but you can tell that there’s hairspray on it almost immediately like your hair feels like that little bit of grittiness and I’m not a fan of that especially when I’m wearing my hair down I want my hair to be like soft and touchable and dateable and amazing you know like I don’t want it to feel gritty so for that reason I’m also a little in on this one and then the final thing that I don’t like is that it is so firm holes it actually reminds me a lot of freeze it I don’t know if any of you guys have ever used that hairspray if you did competition dance or cheerleading or gymnastics you might know what I’m talking about it comes in a gold can it’s from the drugstore and that stuff is breaking glue for your hair comment below if you tried that stuff because I did four years and it was a situation for that reason.

I don’t like this hairspray it does add shine it does that and it’s supposed to be firm hold it is also firm hold it’s supposed to be volumizing and sure I don’t really know how a hairspray can be volumizing but sure it will give it that um so it does what it’s supposed to do I just don’t like it I don’t like that it’s wet I don’t like that you feel it on your hair is silly and I don’t like that it can get so hard that it’s almost impossible to brush out that one in not a fan of so that is it I hope you guys enjoyed my review of the Kardashian line tell me what you think in the comments if you tried any of their products or tell me about which products you think you might want to try and if you guys want to see me do any more kind of brand smackdowns like I did today let me know I don’t think it would be in every week thing but it could at least be in every month thing I think it could be fun let me know in the comments if you’re interested if you’re not totally cool I’ll just you know move on to something else anyway it love you guys I hope you liked this post and I will see you guys in my next post yeah bye.

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