Holiday Faux Bob – No teasing required

Hey Everyone Abbey here with this faux bob tutorial Moe Bock’s have really come into style over the last couple years they’ve gone from being kind of cheesy ways to make your hair look shorter to being an actual updo style with a couple elements. So let’s talk about what you don’t do as a faux bob first of all you don’t make a big fuzzy hairy mess it’s not cute second of all don’t look at it as a way just to hide your hair that’s kind of what it was a little bit ago but now it’s a little bit more stylized. So what you should do instead is think of making shapes with your faux bob, and create a great texture with it additionally don’t be afraid to make a statement. So with all those things in mind let’s get started first of all we’re going to make a base to make your base you’re going to separate your hair from the ears up all the way around, and then secure the hair that’s over your ears out of the way then you want to create a nice tight ponytail at the nape of your neck, and secure it with the headband the is going to be the base that we pin into then you want to take a bun form, and actually create a little sock bun if you guys don’t know how to do a sock bun you can always Google it.

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I feel like everybody has seen a tutorial on it by now, and you can do this with a sock if that’s all you have but. I really think a kind of a bun maker is a little better. Because you can pin into that, and you can find those at drugstores or beauty supply stores also it’s okay if the is messy. Because we’re going to cover it up but it is actually better to go ahead, and make it a little bit neater than. I did. Because that way if it peeks through nobody can tell, and then let the rest of your hair down now for step two we’re going to curl the back of the hair. So to go ahead, and start off with the back you want to separate the sides out of the way. So take all the hair that’s in front of your ears, and pin it out of the way then we’re going to move on to curling the back and, I’ll using a inch iron, and just wrapping my hair around it. I didn’t even section my hair. I just want a head in curls every little bit you have a lot of hair you might want to section it just to make sure that you get everything while you’re doing that, and now we’re going to move on to pinning the back. So I went ahead, and took this in three separate sections to make sure that. I pinned it really well. So I started out with this set that’s just over the bun. So I gathered it together, and make sure that the curls were falling over the top of the bun.

So that it wouldn’t peak through, and then you hold your fingers just a couple inches underneath the bun, and wrap your hair around two or three fingers to create kind of a donut then you roll that doughnut shape up until it’s right underneath the bun, and pin it in place before you pin it go ahead, and take your hand, and just loosen up the curls a little bit that way they don’t look too tight, and they still have a nice kind of loose airiness about them, and they look a little bit more effortless, and then crisscross your pins to hold it in place, and as you see we have that already ponytail right there. So it actually kind of holds it a lot better than if the hair was just loose then you’re going to repeat that on either side joining the hair right next to our first little donut that we pinned in now you can see that we didn’t have to do any teasing. Because that bun is there it creates a lot of shape. Because you have all that extra volume there from the little button form um. So then you don’t have to do any teasing, and then you don’t end up with any nastiness in the hair. So it doesn’t look ratty or fuzzy which you know it’s not a pretty look. So doing this create shape that creates a statement, and it also keeps you from creating an undesirable effect on your hair. So it’s just a good way to go all the way around.

Once you’ve got those three foot sections pinned in the back then you are all done with the back, and we’re ready to move on to the next section or our next section we’re going to curl the front, and you’re going to curl going away from the face in small sections, and you just want to let these fall it’s totally fine to let them just do whatever, and then once you only have maybe two or one section left what you’re going to do is run your fingers through the curls, and that kind of replaces teasing it’s going to help to bulk out the hair a little bit. So that it doesn’t break when we try to roll, and pin it back, and it still keeps the texture looking really nice, and then you do the last one or two sections, and you don’t mess with those curls. So that you have those nice pretty ringlets sitting on top, and creating a lot of visual interest in the style once you have all that curls you’re going to go ahead, and choose your fingers to kind of loosen it up a tiny bit, and then you’re going to repeat the same thing on the other side curling a couple of sections, and leaving the top section, and then you kind of run your fingers through it again to kind of bulk it out a little bit, and then finished by curling the top sections, and just letting them fall. So then they look nice, and pretty, and not like fluffed out or anything like that, and then we’re going to move on to pinning the front, and for this we’re using the exact same method that we use from the back you just wrap it around two fingers, and then once you have that kind of donut shape formed roll it up, and put it against our previous sections you can see the donut shape right there, and then you pin it, and it’s all done, and if you have any little pieces that fall out you can either pin them back up or you can let them fall just depending on your personal taste now the only thing to worry about when you’re pinning the is that you make sure that you don’t pull the curls out if you pull this really tight you won’t be able to have those curls looking nice, and springy. So just make sure that you’re not putting any tension on the hair while you’re pinning it, and once you have all that done if you want to you can pull the hair back on one side, and pin it in place, and even put a sparkly accessory over it if you want to. I kind of felt like it. Because. I liked how that looks better from the front but that’s just me you don’t have to if you don’t want to, and that is it. I hope you guys enjoyed this. I think it’s a really great pretty easy way to get a really pretty faux bob this holiday season if you guys try it out definitely send me pictures. I would love to see, I’ll see you guys in my next post well bye you.

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