Homemade Shampoo Formula

This basic formula provides the framework upon which to devise your own customized shampoo. Note that if you would like to increase the detergent effect of a shampoo, simply add more castile soap. And keep in mind that if you do not use up a batch of shampoo within a couple of weeks, it is best to store it in the refrigerator. The shampoos that follow are based on this basic formula.

6-8 oz. herbal infusion of choice up to 60-70 drops essential oils of

3 oz. of liquid castile soap choice

1/2 teaspoon carrier oil of choice

Pour strained infusion, liquid castile soap, carrier oil and essential oils into a jar or squeeze bottle, cap and shake. It is ready for use. Always shake these shampoos before use. Makes about 9-11 oz. of shampoo.

Variations: The amount of essential oil you use will depend on which ones you choose and the effect you are trying to obtain. You can omit the carrier oil if your hair is very oily, or add more if your hair is very dry. Additional ingredients, such as aloe, tinctures, etc., may be added to this basic shampoo recipe to adapt it for various hair and scalp needs.

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