Hormones are mysterious substances, secreted by the sex glands, especially during erotic excitement, which are poured into the blood-stream, and carried by it to all parts of the body causing profound physical and mental changes to occur within it. Those changes which take place at puberty are because this hormone begins to be secreted at that time, and the effects then noted are because of this. There is a male hormone and a female hormone. Lack of virility, of sexual power, indifference to the opposite sex, even aversion to the sexual act, may be due to lack of the necessary hormones, which act as energizers and stimulants to the sexual organs.

Attempts have been made from time immemorial to find some âœelixir of lifeâ, which would prolong the period of vital activity and fertility in man; but it is only within the past few years that medical science has succeeded in making definite strides in this direction with the discovery of hormones and their synthetic production. A substance named âœcholesterol❠is chemically changed into a male hormone known as âœtestos-teroneâ. The effects of this substance, when introduced into the man’s body, have proved little short of miraculous.

Testosterone may be administered by mouth or by injection. Care must be exercised, however, and it is unwise for a man to undertake the treatment himself, without knowing what he is doing. Your physician should be consulted, and he will advise you as to the method, and the amount you can safely take. This substance is now on the market and may be obtained at reasonable cost. A certain sexual rejuvenation is, therefore, now within the reach of men who are approaching later middle life. But it should be emphasized that caution is still necessary; and that, if these men abuse their powers and indulge in sex too frequently, they will reap the evil consequences and find themselves devitalized and worn out instead. Near-miracles are possible, but miracles are not!



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