Horsfall’s Kuschty Rye THE BASTARDS TIN

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Part two of a trilogy of albums dedicated to the music of Ronnie Lane and the band Slim Chance West Yorkshire based, since the late 1970s, Des has previously been known for the blues rock outfit,

Raw Deal while in the 1980s he dabbled in roots and country rock. The 1990s saw him opening for such acts as Emmylou Harris, Joe Ely and Steve Earle.

THE BASTARD’S TIN is the second album of a trilogy, inspired by Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance. The music is described as ‘rustic rock ‘n’ roll’. Previous release, THE GOOD GENTLEMEN’S TONIC, was acclaimed by Pete Townsend as ‘A killer record. Killer!

The quirky, extravagant packaging is a nod to the Small Faces’ Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake. Split into three sections; morning, afternoon and evening the album begins with Daybreak and a snippet of Ronnie and Kate Laine singing Single Saddle.

Pete Townsend guests on the delightful Chameleon, written by Kate Laine and Pete. Des’ I Know A Little Bit, rocks along in great style, while the accordion led Richmond Green is a treat. Further Down The Line, concludes the Morning section.

Afternoon begins with mandolin and Katie’s Jig. Throughout are snippets of Kate’s voice like where she introduces Whistle To Blow. The music sounds like it is being delivered in your living room; there’s a fun, easy vibe to the material. Kate talks about the writing of Ooh La La, prior to it being performed, a great song. Des concludes the CD with a Ronnie Lane favourite; Goodnight Irene (Goodnight Ronnie Lane).

This is a quirky, eccentric project, but always enjoyable. Des’ music is ‘real’, it has a loose, good hearted feel and there is much to enjoy here. John Brindle


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