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In todays world, though, sometimes we feel we must use heat to blow dry or style our hair – just to speed things up and help nature on. The best thing under these circumstances is to use it on the lowest heat setting, not use it too often and at any rate no more than once a week.

We acknowledge that heat can be as damaging to hair as chemical treatment. Yet, given the pressures of modern lifestyles it is likely that we will always use heat at some point to dry and style our hair when in a hurry.

Allow your hair to dry naturally whenever you can. If you have used heat recently, check your hair for sections that remain brittle and straight even when you put water on them – those are signs of irreversible heat damage.

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Also, look out for high levels of breakage; especially note any small bits of brittle hair that fall even with gentle combing – more signs of dry hair.

Be sure to coat your hair with some natural oils or modern sealing products before allowing to dry and before using heat to style.

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