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Oh they fish your love like the ocean what devotion are you hello today, I will be showing you how to create my new go-to ways these are very simple soft beautiful and perfect for every day. So let’s get started now let’s get to the logistics of the things you’re gonna need just a few simple things for this hair tutorial I’m gonna be curling my hair with my curling wand.

So just any curler that you have that has a heat setting that is adjustable that’s paramount for this hairstyle also you’re going to need some kind of clips I’m just using this metal clips which are great you can just get these at any beauty supply store a lot of you guys ask me when, I use these clips if you can use bobby pins and steady you can although it makes it a lot harder because they live a dent in the hair and they’re not as big um you’re gonna need a hairbrush and if you want of course you can use a hairspray when you finish waving the hair now I’m gonna start with quickly brushing through my hair and as you guys can see I’m very blog today. I’ve been missing my highlights a lot actually. So today, I am wearing my ombre blonde hair extensions and this is the 220 grams set, I wear this when I’m lazy and, I don’t want to wear the full set because the 220 grams set is.

So thick, I don’t need to wear the full thing because my hair is not that thick. So this is just six biggest ones. So that’s basically what I’m wearing and it blends pretty well with my hair this year my hair didn’t fade because usually what, I do is, I get highlights in spring and by the end of the summer my hair gets really blonde because the highlights wash out but this year it didn’t really happen as much as last year and that’s why whenever, I feel like, I want some blonde in my hair if I’m doing a braid or some kind of hairstyle, I just wear the set alright.

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So, I messed up my hair more I’m going to quickly brush through the hair and then I’m gonna start with my left section. So I’ll just push this right section away. So it’s not in my face alright.

So one more thing, I forgot to mention is you’re gonna need some kind of a clip it can be very helpful I’m going to start with the front and move my way back I’m gonna start with a small section like that clip the rest away alright. So basically what I’m going to be doing and the way this is different from any other curling method. I’ve done.

So far is number one I’m using my curling setting at the lowest temperature possible. So depending on the curler you have you might be able to do that or not or what you can do is heat it up and then unplug it and then do the curls that’s like DIY method if you don’t have the actual setting but if you do have the setting it’s very handy it’s less heat. So it’s not as damaging to your hair and it actually works as hot rollers the reason, I thought of this method is because, I missed my wigs that, I would get with hot rollers when, I lived in Canada, I had an actual set of hot rollers however when, I moved to London from Canada, I decided not to bring it because, I just want to have less things in my life.

So I’m just using this now as a hot roller and I’ll show you what I’ll do. So basically you just take a medium section and you start from the bottom or just kind of in the middle curl it down. So you don’t want to start from the very top you start from the middle of your hair especially if you have longer hair and I’m just going to leave this on for a few seconds you don’t want to leave it on for too long because again the whole idea of this hairstyle is that basically it’s the same method as you would do with hot rollers and as you can see, I can even touch the curler because it’s really not that hot my setting goes to as low as 150 which is really good because usually, I curl it at 380 now I’m just going to hold the curl in my hand just like that and then I’m gonna actually continue curling it up up up like that.

So now you can slide this clip and it’s going to go with a little clamp. So you have the club that goes on top as you can see, I can move it. So it that goes on the top and then you just got to catch your hair that’s kind of the important part because if you don’t catch it it’s going to slide out as you can see, I didn’t catch it fully right now.

So I’m just going to readjust it just kind of put your fingers in there and try to push the hair onto the clip like that at some point it falls down that’s fine as much as you can hold it even if it holds for about a minute or two it’s fine. So once I’m going to be moving all around the hair one of them or two of them or three of them are bound to unravel and that’s completely fine as long as a whole different a minute or. So it’s fine.

So maybe I’ll show you one more. So gonna do the same thing grab another section see see what it’s doing it’s just gonna happen especially if you have long hair, I think my shorter hair it’s much easier but the longer the hair you have the harder it is to keep it in the clip um, I did have bigger Clips before but, I have no idea with all the moving we’ve been doing recently, I just, I can’t find half of the stuff, I have alright. So I’m gonna do the same thing hold it for about you know five to ten seconds just make sure that the hair is warm really you can even touch it with your finger be careful because you don’t want to burn yourself then I’m going to just slide it out into my hand this is where, I want to make sure that everything kind of stays together and the curl adjusted upwards actually, I do have one of these clips.

So these do work a lot better if you have them then use those and then just find a spot somewhere where you can slide that in and I’m going to continue doing the same thing all around that my hair first I’m going to do the left section and then the right section. So I’m just gonna fast forward it. So you don’t have to watch through all of it.

So what might happen at one point which always happens to me when, I wear hair extensions is that you run out of space on your scalp to pin the hair on – in that case what, I do is just, I try to go as high as possible to the scalp and then just pretty much pin the hair in air. So, I just do the same thing, I grab the curl, I go from the bottom of the curl, I don’t know if you can see it and then just make sure that, I got the curl in place as much as, I can and then just release it. So basically that’s what I’m gonna do for the rest of the hair because, I don’t have any more space to pin it oh yeah all right.

So the left side is finito finished. So I’m just gonna go now and hairspray everything and I’m just using a natural volumizing hairspray by intelligent nutrients now moving on to the right side I’m going to do the same thing I’m going to start from the front move my way back and I’m also going to be curling every section away from the face, I think that’s something, I forgot to mention in the first section. So basically I’m gonna grab this hair I’m not even using a clip anymore like whatever who has the time for clipping it just push it away.

So I’m gonna grab this hair curl it away from the face hold it on the curler for about 10 seconds. So it warms up just like a would on a hot roller and then slide this hair out of the curler and once. I’ve curled the hair I’m just going to wrap it around my finger and curl it up the same way, I did on the other side there’s like lip grab my clip with a clasp up and just fine my scalp to pin this curl on oh my phone and voila and then continue doing the same thing on the rest of the hair sure Hair Spray time now the waiting game begins because just like with hot rollers you have to wait for your hair to set and right now it’s still warm, I can if, I touch it obviously not the left side but the right side is still a bit warm, I just have to wait for everything to cool down maybe about 10 minutes is all, I need and then I’m gonna release the curls from the clips alright it’s time to open up the waves I’m ready are you guys ready.

So basically I’m just going to slide the clip out and slowly let my hair fold down as you can see this produces a very bouncy fluffy kind of wave you’re not gonna get curls you’re actually going to get very soft loose waves especially if you have long hair like me or if you’re wearing extensions like me you will get these kind of strands that will come out of the waist which is all fine because once you open up all the clips it’s gonna look all natural and soft and my favorite word effortless alright. So, I am slowly gonna unravel everything where does the clip oh okay just a few more here if you have any of these trends that are left uncurl II like, I can see this one right here don’t worry just go back in with your curler and rhe curl it because it’s bound to happen if you have a lot of hair or if you have long hair or if you were in clip in hair extensions alright now I’m going to do the same thing on my right side and then show you guys the results no I’m just gonna shake everything up and again see if, I need to recrawl there’s one more, I always forget one clip there’s always that one curl that gets forgotten sorry alright. So let’s see if, I need to recruit anything here this side somehow turn out better maybe this one it’s a bit more straight I’ll just go back in with my curler just lightly recur lit still on a low setting and this is what the finished hair looks like it’s massive it’s very soft loose, I call this my lioness hair and you don’t even need to tease the hair, I mean if you have fine hair naturally you might want to go here and back home the back of your hair but, I find that if, I just go into my roots and, I kind of fluff up my roots with my fingers do you see what that does they kind of like expands the hair naturally without any brush or any comb.

So that is it okay and that is all. I’ve got for today thank you guys love you bye you.

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