How Bare Minerals Powder Foundation Is Made

A dash of red, a hint of blue, maybe a splash of yellow too. The world is a wonderful rainbow of hues and you deserve to have the foundation that especially fits you. Be bare. Be nude. And be you. Variety is so damn beautiful. The use of foundation dates back to antiquity. In the Middle Ages, men and women favored pale makeup, while today we favor a look that is a little more au natural. BareMinerals has over 30 shades of foundation and theyre committed to providing women and men with natural looking coverage for their unique skin tone. Perfect! The first step is making a bareMinerals powder. A technician makes a blend of titanium, mica, and zinc. This blend is often mixed with red, yellow, and black until its a perfect and precise consistency and shade. Who knew there were this many colors involved? Once the pigment is perfect the formula is sent to the factory to be produced on a much larger scale. A mixer is tasked with mixing an exact amount of powder to replicate the pigment in the lab.

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Now lets see some magic happen. Hmm, that color doesnt seem quite right. Thats because the color needs to be transferred to a compounder where the particles are compounded and the pigment comes out. The mixture turns from a light white to whatever shade its meant to be. Before its sent to the line for packaging, a worker must test the pigment to ensure it matches the standard from the lab. Its a match! Since the colors match, it can be sent to the line for packaging. The powder is transferred into big barrels called drums and brought to the powder room for distributing. This is where they package all 30 shades of their foundation. Each container is equally filled with powder, sealed with a plastic bottom, and labeled based on their color. Along with bareMinerals Foundation, Bare Escentuals makes many more makeup products in their factory like these and those. The finished foundation containers are polished and cleaned by a line worker to get rid of the excess powder. And now they’re ready to ship. Almost 76,000 units of bareMinerals are produced in a day. Swirl, tap, buff, and blend. This is the way to compliment your skin. 30 unique shades so everyone can play and rock natural Bare skin in their own special way.

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