How can I make a healthy start pregnancy?

How can I make a healthy start pregnancy?

During the first trimester, not only will the foundations be laid for the development of all your baby’s organs, but also for you to stay strong and be able to nurture a growing baby. There are plenty of things you can do to help both of you stay healthy through the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and beyond.

Rest Getting plenty of rest is always top of my list of recommended things to do. Pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, can leave you absolutely exhausted, particularly towards the end of the day (171). Listen to your body: if it is telling you it needs to sleep when you get back from work, don’t ignore it. Go to bed, even for a couple of hours until dinner. And make sure you don’t have to cook the meal yourself!

Avoid coffee High caffeine consumption is known to raise the risk of miscarriage (see pages 176-177). Fortunately, nature usually takes care of the problem because many women go off coffee entirely during the first three months of pregnancy.

Avoid doing strenuous exercise This includes exercise involving bouncing such as horseriding or trampolining. Exercise in itself is good during pregnancy (see pages 168-169) but, once again, I believe you should listen to what your body is telling you. Often, during the first three months, women feel too sick and exhausted to do anything other than gentle exercise. If you have conceived with IVF, I don’t recommend doing any exercise during the first trimester.

Give up cigarettes today The toxins from cigarettes cross the placenta and harm the developing fetus at all stages of pregnancy. Smoking is a known factor in miscarriage because it deprives the placenta of oxygen. It also reduces oxygen supply to the fetus.

Stop drinking alcohol Alcohol is toxic to the fetus.

It also reduces the oxygen flow to the placenta, thus affecting fetal development. I advise that women drink no alcohol at all during pregnancy.

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