How do guys makeup?

For the purposes of this book, we did a survey to find out. When asked their preference between pink and red lipstick, men chose red over pink by a three-to-one margin. Some qualified red as brown-toned reds while others seemed to prefer fire-engine reds. Others elaborated, saying that they felt pink tones were for older women.

The number-one biggest makeup turn-off? Too much of it!‚ was the favorite answer. Obvious and excessive makeup is the worst!‚ said one thirty-something man. Overdoing it,‚ said another. Too much! Yuk!‚ exclaimed a twenty-eight-year-old guy. Cakey makeup was the next biggest turn-off: Yucky, cakey makeup.‚

Men’s Makeup Pet Peeves

‚ Too much of it

‚ Lipstick on her teeth

‚ Makeup that comes off on my face and my clothes ‚Too-obvious blush that makes her look like a clown

‚ A visible line where makeup ends and skin begins

‚ Garish colors

The number-one biggest makeup turn-on? Subtlety‚ was the most common response. Makeup that makes a woman look more attractive,‚ explained one. ‹“Just the right amount elegant yet real,‚ said another. The men were evenly divided between preferring a more defined eye and a more defined lip. The majority noted specific makeup effects that they find pleasing, expressing themselves in rather personal, nontechnical terms.

Makeup Effects Men Find Attractive

‚ Moist lips ‚ Dewy skin

‚ Long lashes ‚ Sensual lip color ‚Wide-open eyes

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