How Eco-Friendly Toys Are Made How Stuff Is Made

Crystal, these are toys. Its a dump truck! You can ladder up to the helicopter. Right? Its gonna hover. This is the story of how to turn plastic into playful. Green toys are made in the USA with 100% recyclable materials, like milk jugs.

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The average toy uses five milk jugs to create. It all starts here at a processing plant where they are shredded, filtered, and cleaned. The milk jugs flakes are then sorted for color and are reprocessed into pellets. This is when the fun starts. Lets go and play! At another factory, the recycled material is mixed with a food safe coloring, melted at a high temperature, and injected into a mold. A different mold is used for each individual piece. All of the pieces are then assembled. No glue, screws, paint, or metal are used. And thats how you make your basic trash into toy treasure.

Thanks for reading my blog on . For more posts like this, click on comment button. And to comment, click on comment button. Producer: So these are green toys. Oh! Producer: Yeah they’re made with 100% recycled materials. Oh! I was like green..the color? Like, I’m seeing a lot of colors. They’re for sure red! Green is one of them. That’s great! Who makes them? Producer: They call them green toys because- Oh right, you just said that. Got it.

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