How I Curl My Hair with a Straightener

Hey girls Abbey here. So I’ve gotten a lot of requests for tutorial on how to curl your hair with a straightened. So here it is I hope the is everything you guys were looking for I’ll going to share lots of tips and tricks. So buckle your seat belts we’re going to start with some heat protestant because that is the very most important part of using a hot tool and take a small section of hair insert the iron and rotate it degrees then you just slide the iron down the hair and once it’s reached at the bottom you have a curl and I’ll show you that one more time to see you can see. So a little bit of hair twist it all the way away degrees slide it all the way down and you have a curl now for the tips and tricks if you want these curls to make sure that you have them going away from your face I think most of us like to do that make sure that the tail of that hair.

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So the hair that’s kind of coming out of the iron right there is closest to your face now that seems a little bit backward but just trust me on that one it’s how it works. So whenever you put the hair into the iron and twist it over just make sure that I hear that hasn’t been ironed yet as closest to your face and that will make sure that your curls are going away from your face makes it a little bit easier and basically I’ll going to go ahead and curl the rest of this section and then drop down to the next section this step basically I like to do my hair in sections because that way I don’t mess and a little bit you guys have probably already heard that but just in case you’ve missed it and you’ll see me always use this little method of just using three layers all the way around my head cut it’s super duper easy another tip is that if you take a larger section you’re going to get a looser wave like. So and I’ll show you one more like. So or if you take a smaller section you’re going to get a tighter curl like. So or I’ll show you one more into cities and see just like that the other thing is you can change the speed. So if you take a small section and you go quickly you’ll still get a large and should curl or lose weight but if you take a bigger section and you go really slowly you’ll get a really tight curl.

So basically the larger the section you take or the quicker that you go across the section the looser your wave is going to be and then the smaller section you take and the slower you go the tighter your colors going to be what I like to do is I like to mix that up I like to do different curls throughout my whole hair because that really creates a different look and you get those kind of cool different curls which makes a really nice everyday kind of curls look and it doesn’t look quite as overworked it looks really nice and natural and pretty. So that’s kind of what I like to do but you can always go through and take little tiny sections and make ringlets if you want to. So the is what it looks like when you kind of have those ringlets going on I like to break it up with my fingers and just kind of shake it around and makes that kind of Victoria Secret model curl which I love and then you can go ahead and give it a little bit of hairspray and that is how I wear my hair once I’ve done this method I really love this I love how natural it looks and it is something that looks different than you would get with the curling iron. So I find that kind of cool here’s some more posts of my to check out if you want to see it I have a review on the flat iron that I use in this post I have a ten-minute BGA’s post and they no heat waves for those of you guys who don’t like to put heat on your hair I hope you guys like this and check back for more posts later see you in bye.

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