How. I Did My Wedding Makeup

I wanted to show you what. I did for my wedding makeup it’s obviously very natural but very glowy, and pretty. I was really going for something that, I’ll going to like to look at in years that kind of captures what. I look like it doesn’t do anything crazy. So I started off with some makeup setting spray over my face just to kind of keep oil from breaking through, and then. I used my Revlon Color stay foundation, and went ahead, and did a light layer of that over my face as kind of a primer actually. Because my skin breaks out with any kind of primer. I use but. I find that with the setting spray, and then this foundation. I keep soil at bay really well, and obviously it’s going to kind of even out my skin tone. So I started off with that just to give me a nice kind of um refined base to work with, and then. I took these two dinar airbrush colors, and the first one is in vanilla, and then the next one is in olive base. And I use three drops of the first one two drops of the second one mix them together, and then went over my face, and basically what, I’ll doing here is going over any areas that needed some extra concealing. So my nose, and around my mouth, and then. I just kind of did a general sweep over everywhere else, and including my jaw line. Because you don’t want that line in pictures then. I used the diner airbrush concealer, and alabaster underneath my eyes, and then. I went ahead, and blended it out with a Beauty Blender then. I use my Mac Studio Fix powder, and NC, and what.

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I would did was to kind of buff it into my skin. I kind of took it, and pushed it into my skin with that really dense buffing brush from Real Techniques, and then once. I got it into the skin. I kind of swirled around without anything on my brush to kind of knock out any loose powder, and that gives you that really porcelain finish, and then definitely set my under eyes. Because they crease kind of badly if. I don’t then. I use this coralista blush. And I did it kind of just below the apples of my cheeks just a little bit. Because it kind of helps to contour a little if. I go a little bit lower my cheeks are a little on the big side, and then. I use this bright pink blush from Tarter, and took it just over the apple of my cheeks then. I use hard candies bronzer intake as my highlight. And I used benefits hoopla bronzer through the hollows of my cheeks as my contour color, and then to finish it all off of my skin. I went ahead, and use the Bridal makeup finish setting spray by Scandinavia to make sure that my makeup stayed in place all day long, and now for the eyes. I went ahead, and used Urban Decay’s primer potion in Eden all over my eyes to make sure that my eye shadow stayed really well then. I used nude pearl by NYX through the inner corner, and underneath the brow bone this gave me a really great highlight. And I like it quite a bit. Because. I think with that kind of yellowy tone that. I has to it matches my skin really well then. I use this ink cosmetics products it’s their eye lights in the color Queen. And I actually created this look around this color. Because it’s. So beautiful you can’t really see it on camera but it’s shimmery, and then it has little bits of glitter in it. So it looks perfect on the day of it’s one of those like eye catching colors then.

I use this color by Ingot, and took that through my crease, and a little tiny bit on the outer side of my lid what, I’ll kind of doing now is working on creating kind of a cat eye shape. Because. I like that on myself a little bit to kind of pick up the outer edges of my eyes, and then. I just blended that off once the brush was kind of clean just bloated the line between those, and then. I took this gel liner by Physicians Formula, and created a winged eyeliner shape, I’ll going to go back in, and cover up that wing with some eye shadow but. I like to go ahead, and get the base there with the eyeliner first. So I actually have a whole tutorial on how. I do my winged liner. So you guys can check that out if you want to see it’s on my second my blog umm. Because that’s where. I used to do my makeup tutorials. So if you guys need that it’s over there, and then, I’ll going to use this brown shade from the balm it’s in there shady lady, and the nude tide palette, and basically just taking this little smudge brush and, I’ll smudging over that black liner that we just did, and then taking it up, and through the bottom part of my crease to create a cut crease. I find that this looks really good on my eye shape when. I do a cut crease. So I wanted to pull that in for this look, and then, I’ll kind of using the brush to blend it up just a little bit but if you wanted to you can always plot a fluffy brush to help you blend more, and then, I’ll using some clear mascara for my brows, and kind of pulling them into place, and then using this Clinique pencil to go ahead, and outline the high point of my brows, and fill in any little sparse areas.

I might have then, I’ll just coating my lashes with one coat of mascara, and then going to pull on these little accent lashes and, I’ll using the Revlon lash glue. Because. I like it just a little better it’s a little stickier than the Ardell glue, and it works a little better, and then curl my lashes, and applied more mascara, and for really waterproof mascara you always want to go with cover girl works super well. So I went ahead, and use that one over my lashes. And I use the little accent lashes. Because. I really don’t like wearing strip lashes they’re kind of uncomfortable they don’t always look it on my eye shape. So I just went ahead, and went with those, and then. I went ahead, and did my bottom lashes to kind of even it all out, and that is the eye makeup, and then. I went for my lips, and the is just a Revlon on lip balm stain. I forget the exact name of it, and it’s in the color honey, and it works perfectly, and then. I took this NYX pencil just to outline my lips to kind of get a little bit more definition there. Because. I was kind of finding that. I didn’t have enough with just the pencil. So basically once. I got that all outlined that was it, and that was my look the whole lip pencil thing, and the just bitten kissable balm staying there it is that was the name it worked really well cut it didn’t dry out my lips, and it lasted all day. So I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a wedding appropriate lip product. I hope you guys like this be sure to check back later for more posts of what. I did on the day of. And I will see you guys in my next post bye.

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