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It’s Sunday Fun day at today we’re going to talk about my eyebrows. I get lots, and lots of questions about them, and some people really like them some people really don’t but, I’ll just going to show you how. I tweeze them, and how. I filled them in first of all we’re going to start out with these little hairs in the middle otherwise known as the unibrow which. I kind of have a little bit of. So you want to tweeze all these little hairs clearly, and get as many of them out as possible but. I do leave some on purpose um, and that’s as many as. I can right in the front. So that when. I fill it in my eyebrows aren’t too far apart, and then anything that. I can leave, and that. I can trim later, I’ll leave. So you can see that. I have some little long pieces right here but. I can trim them to fit, and if. I can leave them. I will. So, I’ll go ahead, and do that, and then these that grow the wrong direction, and the inside. I can also trim. So, I’ll leave them as well. And I tweeze everything around them that way my eyebrows don’t end up too sparse in the front. Because that can definitely happen if. I tweeze all those little hairs that just look a little funny next to move on to the little random hairs that kind of go everywhere around your eyebrow now. I make sure to leave these on the inside. Because. I like to make a straight line from the front of my brow all the way back to the arch of my brow. So I leave as many hairs there as possible that fit into that line but then.

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I go, and of course. I get rid of all these little random hairs that don’t belong there, and then mess up the look of my overall eyebrow. So next we move on to trimming my brows. So I used brow gel to go ahead, and brush my eyebrows straight up. So that. I can see all the extra really long hairs, and you can see that these hairs get pretty long when. I don’t trim them. And I waited as long as. I could. So I could show you guys the difference that it makes. So I brush them straight up with the gel. So that they hold up on their own, and then. I use these little cuticle trimmers. I like the curved shape. Because it makes it easier for me to get in, and kind of cut a straight line. And I just cut a straight line across the top, and cut off all those extra long hairs. And I leave this area around my arch longer it kind of creates a brow comb over if you will. Because that area is really sparse. So that way if. I leave the hair longer. I can cover up the fact that there’s not as much hair there then on the other eyebrow. I do the exact same thing, and just brush the hair straight up, and then is kind of an awkward angle for me but. I do still cut it straight across using my cuticle scissors, and get all the extra long hairs out that way, and that’s it what’s all that hair cutting is done on the eyebrows next we’re moving on to filling them in. So first of all. I find the brow gel, and the front is usually quite fine but. I have to go ahead, and use it across the arch of my brows. Because those are a little bit more unruly. So, I’ll go ahead, and work that through the brows, and once, I’ve got that in place, I’ll ready to move on to my next step which is to use my pencil, and what. I do is to make that straight line from the front of my eyebrow to the arch of my brow that’s just the shape that. I like, and that. I find works on me. So I make that straight line first on one eyebrow, and then. I do that on the other eyebrow.

So that. I could make sure they match as much as possible of course your eyebrows are always going to be sisters not twins but. I find that they’re going to look different just. Because of normal human error. And I don’t really try to make them different then for the top of my eyebrow. I make a line that’s almost parallel to the line that. I just drew on the bottom of the eyebrow until. I get to the arch then once. I reach the arch. I go ahead, and connect the arch of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow. So kind of to that tip now when.. I kind of fill this one in it looks a tiny bit angular. And I had to go back, and take that corner off. Because it looked a little too pointy, and if you ever run into that, and it looks a little funny you can always use a little stoolie, and just kind of brush that against your skin, and it helps to kind of blur out any lines that you accidentally made, and didn’t really want to make, and then. I just repeat the exact same thing on the other side making that parallel line until.. I get to the arch, and then making a straight line from the arch down to the tip of my eyebrow, and of course using the stoolie in case. I make any mistakes then for the front of my brow. I just use a little bit of powder, and those kind of sparse areas in the front. I find if. I use a pencil it becomes very obvious that. I filled in my brows, and it doesn’t look very good. So I use powder. Because that’s just a little bit more gentle, and you could always use powder throughout your whole brow if you wanted to but here’s the before, and after. So you can see it makes a big difference. I really like how it looks it’s much neater, and more precise, and it’s just kind of the way that. I like it now if you’re a beginner. I recommend filling in your brows first the way that you want them, and then going, and tweezing anything that’s not in that build an area that way you don’t accidentally remove more than you want to. So that’s it guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed this make sure to check out my previous post. And I will see you guys in my next post.

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