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Imagine a world without great lashes. We could never. Flirty winks and mysterious glances, the look of confidence and taking chances. Countless flutters and endless sass, here’s the secret to making a great lash. Darkening eyes and lashes first came into fashion thousands of years ago. But it wasn’t until the Victorian era that the practice began to gain widespread popularity in the West when Queen Victoria’s perfumer combined coal dust and petroleum jelly to darken lashes. Which we wouldn’t recommend. In 1915, a young woman named Maybel Williams applied a similar mixture to her lashes and inspired her enterprising brother, Thomas Lyle Williams, to package and sell his own formula.

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It came with a special brush to apply the product to both lashes and brows. It was a smash hit, launching the cosmetic empire Williams called Maybelline. Named after his sister, of course. Over the next few decades, new and improved formulas were introduced and application became easier than ever with the introduction of bristled brushes. But it wasn’t until 1971 that Maybelline introduced what would perhaps become the most famous mascara of them all. Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline. That’s right, Maybelline. The secret to a good mascara is all in the mix. And the ingredients have come a long way since the days of coal dust and Vaseline. First up: wax and stiffening agents are used to keep the mascara from being too liquidy. Next oil and pigment are added for color and consistency. Waterproof formulas include a water rebuffing ingredient. The ingredients are mixed, heated, and combined until they end up as the dark paste we know and love. It’s the most famous mascara in the world for a reason and part of that reason is rigorous quality control. When the mascara liquid is all finished mixing, it’s tested again. A device called a spectrometer splits light into separate colors called a spectrum.

This allows the Maybelline scientists to see the chemical composition of the mascara so that the formula is perfect down to a molecular level. When the great lash formula first hits shelves in 1971, it was packaged in a pink tube with a green lid. Over four decades later, Great Lash continues to be packaged in the same signature pink tubes and green lids. Thousands of those little pink tubes are loaded onto a machine. Two-by-two, the tubes are placed upright onto a conveyor belt. Mascara is pumped into the tubes. Clear plugs called wipers are added to the tubes which will pull off excess product from the mascara wands when applying. This is to make sure your lashes don’t get too clumpy. Nobody likes a clumpy lash. Aside from the formula, the wand was part of what revolutionized the way we wear mascara. The Great Lash wand is thin, designed to reach all the way down to the base of your lashes. It’s made of a synthetic fiber that adds volume and thickness. Before these pink packages can be shipped out, another round of testing makes sure they are absolutely perfect. Thanks to Maybelline’s solar panels, this entire production process is run with renewable energy and is a no landfill site. As hundreds of thousands of mascaras are on their way to a new home, they make a pit stop for labeling. Photos are taken to make sure every label is placed exactly correctly so that each bottle is you guessed it perfect.

One tube of Great Lash Mascara is sold every two seconds. That’s over 40,000 tubes sold each day. Translation: more than 4.5 million lashes are coated, thickened, and lengthened with this cult formula each and every day. Thanks for reading How Great Lash Mascara Is Made. For more posts, click on comment button. And to comment, click on comment button.

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