How Much Exercise For Weight Loss

Making decisions at the correct level: alpha

The alpha level is the ideal level to do your thinking. So enter your alpha level and analyze your body and your training routine. Use the information in this blog. Talk with your coach or fitness trainer about your body and what might be best for you.

But do not depend completely on anybody else.

Paul Anderson was kicked off his college football team because he was sneaking out at night and exercising with weights. The conventional wisdom in the early 1950s was that weight training would make you musclebound and slow, and most athletes were prohibited from partaking in it. But Anderson decided to stick with weight training. He won the gold medal for weightlifting in the 1956 Olympic games. He weighed approximately 390 pounds.

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Was he musclebound? Just look at the position that a heavyweight lifter gets into while doing a two-hand snatch: body doubled up, squatting way below the parallel position, buttocks nearly touching the floor, weight overhead at arms length, behind the shoulders. Its clear that heavyweight lifters are extremely flexible athletes. And they are very quick. They have a lot of quick twitch muscles. Paul Anderson was reported to be able to jump vertically more than 30 inches – quite a feat for someone who weighed almost 400 pounds.

So get information, enter your level and, like Anderson, determine for yourself what is best for your own body. Then put it into practice. Keep a record of your progress. Enter your level and analyze your progress. Make any adjustments that seem appropriate. Notice whether they help you or hurt you, or have no effect. Then use this additional information to guide you in your future decisions. This is a kind of trial and error approach that will help you determine exactly what is best for you.

How to be more alert instantly

Here is a workout and fitness technique that you can use when you feel drowsy and sleepy. For instance, if you feel tired when you get home from work, you can use this workout and fitness technique to get you pumped up and ready for a workout. The workout itself will stimulate your body, and this will make you feel invigorated.

One word of caution: You do not want to overuse this workout and fitness technique. It is not a substitute for sleep. But it can help you overcome inertia and get started.

This workout and fitness technique can help you pay attention while watching game films or listening to your coach in a long boring meeting. It can also help you when you are driving home, tired and exhausted, after a late-night practice or event.

For safetys sake, you will learn the formula for use when driving late at night when you are drowsy and sleepy. When using the workout and fitness technique in other circumstances, simply modify the wording in the section about pulling over to the side of the road. (Remember that you first want to enter your level with the 5 to 1 method and preprogram this workout and fitness technique – install it into your biocomputer brain.)

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