How Tata Harpers Organic Moisturizer Is Made How Stuff Is Made

Diamonds are forever and so is your skin. Natural products from the earth are always a win. Welcome to Vermont, home of apples and the organic products of Tata Harper. This is Tatas farm, where 100% of the Tata Harper products are formulated, batched, and filled. Here natural means farm-to-face. Tata Harper founded her company in 2010. She realized the lack of truly natural luxury products in the marketplace and decided to use her farm to source and create her own line of luxury that didnt compromise ones health. The first step in making Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer With Diamond Radiance starts out in the earth the garden to be exact. Many of the ingredients are grown on-site to ensure quality and freshness. These fresh herbs and botanicals are then taken to a greenhouse to be dried out until theyre ready for the next step. This drying process typically takes between two to four days. These ingredients will become what Tata Harper calls the Estate Grown Beauty Complex, a super concentrated multivitamin for your face that is used in most of the Tata Harper products. The next step is heating up water in a kettle. The water is monitored to ensure that the temperature does not exceed 75°C.

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Then an oil blend is added to the kettle. This blend includes the Estate Grown Beauty Complex, which is made out of arnica, alfalfa, meadowsweet, borage, and calendula. After the oil blend, there are many high-performance ingredients that are added. First theres a powerful blend of moisturizers including hyaluronic acid and mango butter, which thicken the formula and create a creamy texture. Then local honey is added to moisturize the skin. The essential oils are one of the important parts of each and every Tata Harper recipe. One of these magical oils that is used in the Illuminating Moisturizer is rose otto. Just one drop equals 50 roses. Isnt that sweet? Minerals including mica are also added to give the formula a warm glow for the perfect hint of tint. And last but certainly not least, real diamond particles for the ultimate radiance. Once the formula is complete, the large kettle is ready to fill 3,300 30 milliliter bottles. Through the companys open lab program, consumers can take the batch number found on the bottom of each product, input it on the company website, and find out when their product was handcrafted and by whom. The last step of the process is placing the bottles into beautiful green and yellow boxes. Each box is then shipped fresh straight from the farm to your face. Thanks for reading how Illuminating Moisturizer is made. click on comment button for more posts and here to comment.

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