HOW TO 3 Easy HEATLESS Hairstyles with Hair Extensions Tutorial

I’m so glad you could join me today for another hair post obviously as you can tell. If you’re following me recently my hair is not this long this is flexi hair extensions that, I have in my hair and I’m going to some really cute hairstyles for you today. So keep on reading. If you guys want to see how, I cut colored and blend my extensions with my short hair click on the link down below or just click on the post right here. So all these hairstyles today are going to be sort of like half up dudes in a way. So let’s start with the very first one. So for the first style we’re going to do two braids starting about like two inches from the top of the forehead and just kind of making basically like a crown connecting in the back I’m grabbing a nice healthy section.

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But I’m leaving some hair in the front just loose not into the braid. So I’m actually going to do a Dutch braid. But one of my favorites, and it’s super easy. So you just take the ends and you tuck them underneath the middle just like. So underneath and then this is where your start grabbing hair just a little bit yep and add it just take some hair from the side and add it to the middle portion just like that. So once you get like past your temple area this is where I’m going to stop adding here to the braid and just continue braiding it down to get clear elastic and just tie off the braid just do another Dutch braid on the side you see how this is showing will hide that after we finish braiding take a hair tie clear elastic and tie this one off as well alright. So you see how you concede this extension on this side we’re going to hide it right now, I just unclip this first side by the front of my head, I take some hair underneath that clip make sure I’ll grab enough hair and then, I take it right underneath I’m going to place it just clip it right that just like.

So now, I just go back to the braise and just pull apart a little bit just to give them a little bit more volume and a little bit more messiness to the braids once you have the desired shape and size of your braid take another clear elastic take the two braids together towards the back of your head and then you’re just going to tie them together in the middle and then remember how we tied off both braids with an elastic take those extra elastics out. But don’t untie the one when we just tied them together that makes sense. So take that little tiny ponytail that we created with the two braids connecting we’re just gonna take that ponytail and tuck it underneath to create a little Topsy tail basically. So there you have it this is one of the hairstyles that, I love in the summertime. But when, I have hair extensions just to do a little bit something extra to them without doing too much next hairstyle is you want to grab a section from the top with the hair extensions just kind of make your way towards the back take the ponytail and tie it off in the middle in the back take the ponytail split it right in half and then we’re gonna take the pointy tail and pull it through underneath next we’re going to take these front sections of the hair and then we can do exactly the same thing kind of like make a ponytail in the back. If you can leave like this with your layers down or your short hair is falling out and just leave it with the two twists like this or what, I like to do just jazz it up by even more add like a little fishtail braid to the end of the ponytail resulting from the two twists that we did. So there you have it you can kind of do two hairstyles in one just by adding some type of braid into the actual ponytail and this gives the hair is that a little bit more texture and a little bit more fun.

So this next hairstyle is gonna be like a half topping out with two braids. So I’m grabbing a nice thick section right here towards the front of my face. But leaving a little bit of section in the front just. Because it’s a little bit short and, I kind of like the look kind of gives it a little Messier look and, I also have hair extensions in here within my hair I’m going to just start braiding this like a regular braid I’m not going to add any hair am, I going to take any hair out. So just braid it like a regular right I’m just gonna do it underneath kind of like a Dutch braid without adding hair. Because my hair is. So short it’s going to end right here.

So I’m just gonna tie it off and I’ll show you how we hide this little portion within the bun. So let’s tie it off and then we’re going to go on the other side and just repeat the steps tie this off as well just take the two braids and pin them away for now let’s move on to the messy bun start grabbing hair from the sides and then start meeting them towards the middle and we’re going to create a half ponytail and then just make a quick little tiny donut and then tie it off with an elastic or a hair tie and then start pulling the donut apart just to make it a little bit bigger and loose take down the braids and we’re going to start pinning them to the bun. So if you want you can just kind of separate a little bit to create them a little bit bigger take the braids and wrap them underneath the bun and then whatever is left with the braid wrap that little hair around the bun to kind of tighten the bun take more bobby pins and then just pin down the bun to make it more secure and there you have it this is my take on that half messy updo with a little bit of twist with the braid. So there you have it, I just wanted to give you guys some inspiration. If you are looking to get some extensions or you have some extensions and you have similar short hair like, I do or you just simply want to do something different with your long hair Oh Andrew said you wanted more energy for the end shop Paula sleepy ready are you guys thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you liked it and enjoyed it and found some inspiration. But for now, I will say my goodbyes, I love you all very much and I’ll see you guys very soon bye.

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